Opinion: Evangelical Christians’ support for Trump mystifies readers

Trump praying
Christian leaders pray with President Trump in the Oval Office on Sept. 1, 2017.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

It figures that on a topic having to do with eternity, the back-and-forth between our letter writers would be interminable.

About two weeks ago, the L.A. Times published a short news article on the Rev. Franklin Graham rallying his evangelical Christian followers behind President Trump. For a brief piece published inside the paper, it prompted an unusually high volume of letters, most expressing bewilderment over the loyalty this president inspires among evangelicals. After some of those letters were published, a reader explained Trump’s appeal to many Christians by pointing out that the president is antiabortion, and the Democratic presidential candidates are not.

This letter touched off a new round of responses, demonstrating two things: Sometimes, it’s the short articles that lead to the longest discussions, and Trump’s supporters and his opponents still don’t understand one another.

Costa Mesa resident Mike Aguilar brings up church attendance:


A recent letter writer to The Times says she supported Trump solely on the basis that he’s “pro-life,” which is code for anti-abortion.

My question to her might instead be, “Does the president regularly go to church?” (The answer is no, by the way.) Wouldn’t that be a necessary act for Trump so he can showcase his supposed piety?

Evangelicals who support Trump are hypocrites who blindly turn away from the president’s many other cruel and inhumane acts, and it is sickening to watch them bowing at the altar of this charlatan.

Alan Miller of Santiago, Chile, examines Trump’s record on “life”:


One letter writer says that Trump is the only candidate who supports life. Is she aware of what’s been happening to the Kurds and people in other places?

Carl Falletta of Yorba Linda wonders what Jesus would think:

According to one reader, the sole criterion used by evangelicals for supporting Trump is that he’s anti-abortion. Never mind his constant lies, his alleged assaulting of women, his crass, rude and crude behavior, his spewing of insults and divisive comments, or the fact that he ignores the law and our Constitution.

None of that seems to matter. That alone is mind boggling.


But how do these folks reconcile voting for politicians who try to dismantle our government safety net meant to help the poor, elderly and mentally ill citizens among us? The thinking seems to be bring on the babies, but once you’re born, you’re on your own.

I wonder what Jesus would think of all this.

Claremont resident Tony Wood believes Trump’s religiously devout supporters are too forgiving:

One reader points out that Trump is the only candidate running for president who supports life, which obviously refutes everyone’s claim that he is un-Christian.


Isn’t it great to be a Christian? All your sins are absolved by being anti-abortion.