High school football players’ senior video will be vital in the year of the coronavirus

With no spring practices and maybe no summer camps, colleges will rely on senior season videos for recruitment.
(Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

Let me break some news to high school football players resting on the laurels of their off-season star rankings. You won’t be saved come fall if you don’t take care of business during this hiatus away from weight rooms because of the social distancing policy associated with the coronavirus.

“Generally speaking, the overall senior film will be more important than before because of the potential lack of spring recruiting and potential lack of summer camps,” said Gary Bernardi, a San Diego State analyst and longtime college football recruiter.

In other words, if players fail to get into shape for their senior year and think colleges who made scholarship offers are going to stick with those offers after seeing a different player on film, forget it. They’ll be quick to drop players.


Obviously, first there has to be a 2020 football season. With schools in California likely to remain closed into June, the big question is when will athletic facilities be opened to allow coaches and their athletes to resume directed conditioning activities. Otherwise, it’s up to individuals to train on their own.

The NCAA announced on Wednesday that it is extending its recruiting dead period until May 31. That means no coaches leaving campuses and no recruits coming onto campuses.

Colleges have used their summer camps in recent years to help finalize scholarship decisions, but with those potentially on hold, it’s going to be back to the old days, when senior film meant everything.