Servite High foursome to Arizona is best since Long Beach Poly foursome to USC

Servite wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan will join three teammates at Arizona.
(Dylan Stewart / 1550)

Arizona has pulled off the greatest one-team talent steal of Southern California football players since Pete Carroll and USC did the trick in taking away the Long Beach Poly foursome of Darnell Bing, Hershel Dennis, Winston Justice and Manuel Wright following the 2001 season.

Arizona was able to sign four Servite seniors after wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan, a longtime Oregon commit, announced he had signed with the Wildcats. He joins quarterback Noah Fifita, tight end Keyan Burnett and linebacker Jacob Manu in becoming the Servite of the desert.


McMillan was the last holdout and certainly encountered persuasion in joining his friends, but it was his decision and made easier by the coaching change at Oregon.

Now we will see whether the Servite foursome can be as impactful as the Poly foursome, which helped create the powerhouse teams at USC under Carroll. Bing, Justice and Wright became NFL draft picks, and Dennis was a member of a Trojans program that won six Pac-10 championships.