Clippers said to be interested in 7-1 Joel Przybilla as backup

Reporting from San Antonio — Consider the Clippers one of the many teams hoping to sign Joel Przybilla.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks also have expressed interested in the 7-foot-1, 245-pound free-agent center.

Przybilla’s agent, Bill Duffy, confirmed Wednesday that the Clippers have interest in his client.

Przybilla played in just 38 games last season because of knee injuries.

“He’s feeling healthy,” Duffy said.

The Clippers just signed free-agent center Reggie Evans last week, but have two spots available because they have only 13 players on their roster.

The Clippers feel Przybilla can give them another big body as a backup.


They still have the “mini mid-level” exception of $2.5 million and a $3.8-million trade exception from the Chris Paul deal involving New Orleans.

Duffy said Przybilla is not in a rush to sign with a team.

“I think he’s going to wait and see what’s going on,” Duffy said. “I think he’ll get that urgency. I expect to him to call me.”

Del Negro to watch Billups’ minutes

Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro said he’s still trying to figure out how many minutes will be best for veteran guard Chauncey Billups to play.

Though Billups is 35 and in good shape, Del Negro doesn’t want to overuse his player in the compact, 66-game season.

“I think sometimes it’s going to be high 20s, low 30s or even mid-30s,” Del Negro said about the minutes he plans on playing Billups. “It’ll depend on scheduling and how he’s feeling and where we’re at as a team. But some nights he might be able to play a little bit more.

“I thought I played him a little bit too much against Golden State, especially in the second half. But those are things we will work through.”

Billups played 38 minutes 19 seconds in the regular-season opener against the Warriors on Sunday.

He didn’t seem to tire and was back at practice Monday and Tuesday.

“I think it’s just going to depend on game to game, who’s going well and health and schedule and everything that we’re dealing with in this difficult schedule that everyone has to deal with,” Del Negro said. “It’ll be day to day, practice to practice, really game to game. [I] just have to figure out who is feeling well and what type of chemistry each unit has right now.”

Billups played 28:06 during the blowout loss Wednesday against the Spurs. He had 11 points on two-for-five shooting.

Rebounding still an issue

The Clippers began the game Wednesday night having been outrebounded in two exhibition games by the Lakers and in the regular-season opener by Golden State.

The Clippers again were outrebounded Wednesday, 43-30 by the Spurs.