Recap: NFL Google+ Hangout with Sam Farmer and Mark Thompson

Who has the most complete team in the NFL?

At the beginning of the season, Times columnist Sam Farmer said it was the San Francisco 49ers, and he repeated that sentiment Monday during his Google+ Hangout with Mark Thompson of “Mark and Brian” radio show fame.

The 49ers put together an impressive effort in their 27-19 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and Farmer said quarterback Alex Smith is at the forefront of the football renaissance by the Bay.

“Alex Smith continues to redefine his career,” he said.


The Arizona Cardinals are another team that deserves respect, according to Farmer. Their upset win over the New England Patriots wasn’t necessarily a fluke, he pointed out, because the Cardinals have won nine of their last 11 games. “You can’t discount anyone right now,” Farmer said.

But there’s one group that Farmer said will have a hard time winning this season -- replacement referees. Every questionable or wrong call is being blamed on their inexperience because, as Farmer put it, “in people’s minds, the regular officials were perfect” compared with the replacements.

Check out the video above to see Thompson’s and Farmer’s Week 2 breakdown.

The Google+ Hangout with Farmer and Thompson takes place each Monday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. If you have questions for Sam or Mark, email them on Monday and Friday mornings to and they will try to address them during the chat.



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