At Raiders camp, Antonio Brown’s young son asks, ‘Where’s Roethlisberger?’


Antonio Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders this offseason after spending the first nine years of his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That means this is the first year the Pro Bowl receiver has entered training camp with someone other than Ben Roethlisbeger as his quarterback.

Naturally, all of this is a bit confusing for Brown’s young son. In a clip released by NFL Films in advance of Tuesday night’s premiere of “Hard Knocks” on HBO, the tyke and his siblings are seen peppering their father with all kinds of questions at Raiders camp in Napa.

One of those queries is simply too adorable:

“Where’s Roethlisberger?”


Brown resists the temptation of telling his son, “Roethlisberger is on the other side of the country because he blamed Daddy for a loss to the Broncos and that was just one of the many reasons Daddy’s relationship with the Steelers deteriorated to the point where Daddy asked for a trade and was sent to Oakland for much less than his actual value because Daddy really left the Steelers with no other choice.”

Instead, Brown states: “He play with the Steelers. Our quarterback Derek [Carr] now. We don’t play with Roethlisberger no more. We play with the Raiders.”

Yeah, that works too.