Colin Kaepernick is most likely to sign with this NFL team, oddsmakers say

Colin Kaepernick is scheduled to take part in a private workout for NFL teams Saturday in Atlanta.
Colin Kaepernick is scheduled to take part in a private workout for NFL teams Saturday in Atlanta.
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In case you haven’t heard, the NFL is holding a private workout for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta. All 32 teams have been invited to attend, and several have already indicated they plan to send someone to see what the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback can do after nearly three seasons away from the league.

Of course, Week 11 does seem kind of late in the season for this kind of thing. And all 32 teams could have picked up their phones and arranged something like this at pretty much any point since Kaepernick became a free agent in early 2017.

But you never know. Maybe he will impress some team enough that it decides to give him a shot. has released odds on which team that might be, with the Cincinnati Bengals emerging as the favorite (7-2 odds) to sign Kaepernick by the end of the regular season.

The Bengals have an 0-9 record and are giving rookie Ryan Finley an extended tryout at quarterback. But if that experiment fails miserably, maybe they would want to give Kaepernick a similar opportunity.


Reports: Colin Kaepernick tried to reschedule his planned NFL workout to make it easier for coaches and executives to attend, but the NFL wouldn’t budge.

Like Cincinnati, the next two favorites are also from the AFC North — the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1 odds) and Baltimore Ravens (6-1 odds). Both teams have been playing well with their young quarterbacks, but perhaps the thinking is they might be looking for an upgrade at backup.

Some fans here in L.A. aren’t too happy with the Rams’ quarterback situation, but doesn’t seem to think the team will scoop up Kaepernick (20-1 odds). No odds were listed for the Chargers.

Least likely to sign the Super Bowl XLVII starter? The Dallas Cowboys, who like to have all their players standing on the sideline for the national anthem, and the New England Patriots, who were recently burnt with a big-name signing with the initials A.B. Both those teams were given 50-1 odds.

NFL teams’ odds of signing Colin Kaepernick

Cincinnati Bengals 7-2
Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1
Baltimore Ravens 6-1
Buffalo Bills 7-1
Oakland Raiders 7-1
Carolina Panthers 8-1
Houston Texans 10-1
Chicago Bears 12-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-1
Arizona Cardinals 15-1
San Francisco 49ers 16-1
Indianapolis Colts 20-1
Los Angeles Rams 20-1
Cleveland Browns 25-1
Philadelphia Eagles 33-1
Dallas Cowboys 50-1
New England Patriots 50-1

Will Colin Kaepernick play in a regular season game this season?

No 1-25
Yes 10-1

Will Colin Kaepernick play in a regular season game in 2020?

No 1-10
Yes 5-1

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