Letters: It’s not just a job, it’s an NBA adventure

Washington NFL team cartoon.
(Jim Thompson / For The Times)

After reading several NBA players’ comments about the conditions they must “endure” while in the “bubble” (being away from family for three months, poor food, Motel 6-like hotel room, etc.) might I suggest that instead of comparing their current circumstances to their “normal” life ( five-star hotels and restaurants, first-class air flights, mansions, etc.) that they instead compare their circumstances to the soldier in Afghanistan who eats his meals out of a tin can, sleeps on the ground in the desert, carries a 100-pound backpack in 115-degree heat, and is away from his family for 12 months or more. Perhaps this would provide the players with a better perspective.

Joe Blair
Rancho Mission Viejo


Statements on the backs of NBA jerseys are unnecessary. The jerseys come off after the game is played.


Names on the backs of players’ jerseys identity them as individuals representing their team. Representing the Black Lives Matter movement is where you represent your communities. Your voices, your financial support for Black candidates running for public office, your participation supporting congressional reforms that address social injustice, police brutality, institutional racism and player support for healthcare, jobs, and economic equality is where your voices are needed.

Black Lives Matter has no clock, no halftime breaks, no end of game in its 24/7 struggle for disadvantaged Blacks and minorities seeking justice.

Donald Peppars


I have always enjoyed watching Steve Ballmer cheer on his team, but your article shows him to be a man of considerable depth. He has done much for L.A., but I wish he would reconsider using that land in Inglewood for another sports venue. What is really needed in the L.A. area is low-cost housing. As far as I’m concerned, Staples Center is a fine venue for both the Clippers and the Lakers.

Dawn Sharp

As the Lakers go into their second week in Orlando, Fla., their famously close-knit team chemistry might help them avoid the pitfalls present in so much proximity.


According to your article, from of a net worth of $70 billion, Steve Ballmer has donated less than one-half of one percent of that to youth sports programs. Most Angelenos, with far less wealth, give a much higher percentage of their incomes to charitable causes. If he decided to increase his donations from $300 million to $3 billion, he would still have $67 billion left. Just a thought.

Craig Loftin
Long Beach

Pandemic life

During this COVID-19 time, agencies, institutions and officials often do not clearly state the facts or truth. Information is announced as a guideline, recommendation, or suggestion. For example, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health states that no high school team sports are allowed without physical distancing. How do you do that? Why not simply declare no team sports?

Wayne Muramatsu


The Rose Parade has been canceled for time in 76 years.

The school systems in Los Angeles and San Diego have closed the doors for the fall.

Yet the commissioners at the Big Five conferences refuse to do what we all know, they must do, cancel the 2020 season.

Greed should not override human lives.

Fred Wallin
Westlake Village


Clay Helton has managed to save his job and possibly win the Pac-12 football title. He has managed to eliminate Alabama and Notre Dame from the 2020 schedule. Now if he can spread more COVID-19 in Oregon and Washington he will be well on his way to a championship. Sheer genius!

John Redmond
San Dimas


I really don’t understand why the Pac-12 wants to play only conference games this upcoming season. UCLA fans really took the initiative last season to social distance at the Rose Bowl last season. I’m positive that they will do the same this season with Chip Kelly still at the helm.

Randy L. Childs
Manhattan Beach


While the NCAA and its conferences are assessing the viability of football this fall, I believe it would be an excellent time for a fun experiment.

I propose a 64-team tournament played out in two bubbles, one West Coast and one East Coast. The teams would be chosen by a committee of experts, including athletic directors, coaches, sportswriters and broadcasters. It would be a six-week tournament played on Saturdays in November and December, after the MLB and NBA championships are crowned.

This approach would be a spectacular made-for-TV event, that would generate maximum excitement and revenue, while minimizing the participants’ exposure to the coronavirus.

William David Stone
Beverly Hills


The decision by the Big Ten and Pac-12, as well as Major League Baseball, to primarily hold regional games raises an intriguing long-term idea of saving travel money and reducing sports’ carbon footprint at the same time. As we work to reduce the impact of climate change, extending temporary travel restrictions under the pandemic to long-term restrictions could have a positive effect on both the climate and the pocketbooks.

Bob Ladendorf
Los Angeles

Diamond cutters

I’m a lifelong Giants fan and not pleased to see stars like Buster Posey and David Price sit out the baseball season. The fans have made them far richer than their wildest boyhood dreams and they should pay them back by playing even if conditions could be better. It’s a very short calendar and we are all starving for live sports.

Maybe empty seats at the ballparks but we’re all in front of the TV ... waiting.

Tom Sloss
Fountain Valley

L.A. County health officials report 49 people working at SoFi Stadium have tested positive for coronavirus, an increase of 16 since their last update.


No, former Dodger Yasiel Puig did not sign a one-year deal with the Braves. Thanks to the greed of the players, the deal is for a little more than two months.

That’s unless the Braves make the playoffs, of course — playoffs that should have been expanded if it wasn’t for the stubborn stupidity of the owners.

Ron Reeve


So, it appears I will have to buy two cutouts and make sure they are next to each other in case the Kiss Cam spots us.

Jeff Black
Los Angeles

No Skins game

Interesting to consider the first season the Washington team finally agrees to drop its name will coincide with the first time the NFL appears increasingly likely to cancel its season. If only it had not taken an infectious disease to fully awaken NFL owners (and corporate sponsors) to racism and CTE.

NFL franchise values seem presently poised for dramatic STF, Severe Fiscal Trauma, in the fall. Candidly, I’m more likely to mourn for compromised and lost player health than Jerry World’s fate.

Konrad Moore
Pacific Beach


I have a suggestion of a name for the Washington pro football team. Name it after the politicians who work in that city — the Washington Hypocrites.

Peter R. Pancione
Thousand Oaks

The legitimacy of the MLB season will depend on players staying on the field. If they do, the World Series champion will have overcome unique obstacles.

Double standard?

DeSean Jackson, a Black football player, posts anti-Semitic quotes, makes a half-hearted apology saying that his remarks were misinterpreted, and is fined. If a white football player had made racist comments against Blacks, he would have immediately been cut, as was a soccer player whose wife made racist comments, not even the player. There should be the same consequences for anyone who makes derogatory remarks citing racial, ethnic, or religious characteristics.

Zach Samuels
Los Angeles


I watched the PGA Tour event for three hours last Sunday and saw not one mask on any golfer, caddie or official. Are they all emulating our wondrous hacker in the White House?

Sam Tattu
Hermosa Beach


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