Los Angeles Times Launches ‘Cooking,’ New Suite of Digital Resources for Home Cooks

L.A. Times Cooking
(Martina Ibanez-Baldor / Los Angeles Times; Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times; Ben Mims / Los Angeles Times; Leslie Grow / For The Times)

Los Angeles Times Food has recently launched “Cooking,” a new suite of products offering more resources for readers interested in cooking at home.

The central resource is The Times’ relaunched recipe database. The database includes thousands of entries and makes it possible for readers to search for recipes across and within the new Cooking section.

In a note to readers, Food Editor Peter Meehan called the database “spiffier” than its predecessor. “The old one, trustworthy as it was, had gotten all rusty, and it was time to put away the duct tape and spring for a new model,” he wrote.

“With the newly redesigned database, we wanted to provide readers and home cooks with easy access to our recipes, which are a reflection of L.A. and its food culture,” said Cooking Editor Genevieve Ko.

In another effort to support readers during stay-at-home orders, The Times Food team has added content to address home cooks’ concerns, with stories about food safety in the kitchen, practical tips around grocery shopping, organizing pantries, and freezing and thawing ingredients.


Additionally, Ko and Cooking Columnist Ben Mims started a daily series, “How to Boil Water” on Instagram Live. The broadcasts include demos of simple recipes and invite viewers to ask cooking questions in real time.

On Mother’s Day, Food also launched a new Cooking newsletter. Hosted by Ko and Mims, the newsletter promises to make readers better cooks by serving up fast and easy weeknight dishes, fun weekend projects, smart cooking tricks and recipes from Los Angeles-based chefs. “With our newsletter, you’re guaranteed to get delicious results with our professionally tested recipes — and become a better cook in the process,” noted Ko and Mims.

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