Dodger Problems Point to Lasorda

I can't figure Tommy Lasorda. From his performance as a manager, it seems he's either stupid or a very slow learner. After watching the games last Friday and Saturday in Houston, I'm beginning to lean toward stupid. Even Vin Scully knew how to avoid pitching to Rafael Ramirez, and he just works the play-by-play. And most Little Leaguers would have known better than to pitch to Jack Clark with first base open and the pennant on the line.

There is one thing you have to say about the alleged manager, though . . . he's dependable. In any clutch situation, you can depend on him to do something stupid and then, to show his true character, he blames the results on 1) the pitcher (it was Jay Howell Saturday night) or 2) the entire team for its inability to capitalize on seven hits in the first three innings.

I hope he knows he's the luckiest manager in the majors--lucky I don't own the team. If I did, I'd can his fat backside so fast he wouldn't have time to clean out his desk or pack Frank Sinatra's picture.


San Diego

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