Full coverage: Boeing 737 Max planes grounded in U.S. and around the world following 2 deadly crashes

Boeing scraps its 2019 forecast and halts buybacks as 737 Max crisis continues

Boeing’s earnings missed analysts’ estimates for just the second time in five years.

Southwest removes Boeing 737 Max from its flight schedule until August

The period includes the airline's busy summer travel season.

Boeing has called its 737 Max 8 ‘not suitable’ for certain airports

Before last month’s crash of a flight that began in Ethiopia, Boeing Co. said in a legal document that large, upgraded 737s “cannot be used at what are referred to as ‘high/hot’ airports."

Faulty sensor led to Boeing 737 Max crash, Ethiopian report says

Ethiopian Airlines pilots followed Boeing’s recommended procedures when their 737 Max 8 started to nose dive but could not avoid crashing, according to a preliminary report.

Ethiopian Airlines pilots said to have followed protocol before 737 Max crash

An automated anti-stall system repeatedly turned itself on during the flight, and the pilots followed Boeing protocol to manually disable it, said a person familiar with the situation.

Faulty 737 Max sensor from Lion Air crash is linked to a Florida repair shop

A faulty sensor on a Lion Air 737 Max that’s been linked to the jetliner’s deadly crash last October and a harrowing ride the previous day was repaired in a U.S. aircraft maintenance facility before the tragedy, according to investigative documents.

Lion Air crash shows cockpit computers are no substitute for pilot skills

Aviation experts say automated systems have made planes safer than ever and are a major reason why crash rates have declined all over the world. But they are also implicated in a series of incidents in which they made the wrong decisions and pilots did not fully understand the complex software.

EU agency is said to have skipped 737 Max meeting in snub to Boeing

Intentional or not, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s snub points to the delicate politics Boeing faces in convincing regulators the 737 Max is safe as the company seeks to restore confidence in its bestselling jet.

Boeing says it will update 737 Max software that was implicated in crashes

Boeing has released details about an update to its maneuvering control augmentation system that has been implicated in recent deadly crashes of its 737 Max planes.

Boeing prepares to explain safety upgrades for 737 Max jets

Boeing's fixes are designed to address concerns about the 737 Max's automated anti-stall feature, in the wake of a Lion Air jet crash in Indonesia and an Ethiopian Airlines crash earlier this month.

China’s airplane ambitions get a boost from Boeing fallout

The FAA's delay in grounding the 737 Max and news that it allowed Boeing engineers to certify their aircraft made China look like a safety leader in contrast.

Boeing 737 Max crisis sparks U.S. review of how FAA approves jets

The U.S. Transportation Department is creating a special commission to review how newly designed aircraft are certified, spurred by criticism after two deadly crashes of Boeing Co.’s 737 Max.

Indonesia airline seeks to cancel order for 49 Boeing 737 Max 8 planes

It's the first announcement of a cancellation since Boeing's new model aircraft were grounded after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Boeing charged extra for safety features. The 737 Max crashes show why that’s a bad idea

Boeing charged more for enhanced safety features. Automakers do a similar thing. Should they be obligated to save lives by including the latest technology?

Investigators zero in on Boeing 737 Max crash data and probe jet’s approval process

Air-crash experts gathered in Ethiopia to analyze black-box data from a Boeing Co. 737 Max jetliner as controversy over the model’s safety intensified following two fatal disasters in less than five months.

A pilot who hitched a ride on a Lion Air 737 saved that plane. The next day, the same Boeing jet crashed

An off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit of a Lion Air 737 Max jet told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane. A day later, the same aircraft crashed into the Java Sea.

How a 50-year-old design came back to haunt Boeing with its troubled 737 Max jet

Compromises required to push forward a more fuel-efficient version of Boeing's 737 — with larger engines and altered aerodynamics — led to the complex flight control software system that is now under investigation in two fatal crashes over the last six months.

Relatives of 737 Max crash victims will have strong case for damages, expert says

The fatal crashes of two Boeing Co. 737 Max jets and the fleet’s worldwide grounding have triggered a complicated scramble regarding legal liability.

Boeing 737 Max that crashed in Ethiopia was set to dive, a piece of wreckage hints

A screw-like device found in the wreckage of the Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed Sunday in Ethiopia has provided investigators with an early clue into what happened as work begins in France to decode the black boxes recovered from the scene.

Ethiopia snubs FAA, sends ‘black boxes’ from crashed Boeing 737 Max to France

Ethiopia has sent "black boxes" from a crashed Boeing 737 jet to France for decoding after refusing to hand them over to U.S. authorities that had kept the Max model flying after most other regulators grounded it.

At meeting with Boeing staff, pilots fumed about being left in dark on 737 software

Dennis Tajer, a 737 captain who attended the meeting with Boeing executives, recalled, “They said, ‘Look, we didn’t include it because we have a lot of people flying on this and we didn’t want to inundate you with information.’”

‘Too complex to fly’? Trump riff on planes shows aversion to technological change and science

Trump's aversion to science and technology reflects his nostalgia for a supposedly simpler, better era that's at the core of his political message. It's unique for a president and dangerous.

Why was the FAA so late to deplane from Boeing’s 737 Max?

The FAA's response to the two devastating crashes of involving Boeing's 737 Max aircraft raises questions about why U.S. regulators waited so long to ground the airplanes.

FAA orders 737 Max planes grounded; Boeing supports move ‘out of an abundance of caution’

President Trump grounded 737 Max planes Wednesday; 51 countries have also ordered an indefinite freeze on flying the model involved in two recent crashes.

Chinese air safety regulators gain global influence as FAA refuses to ground Boeing 737 Max

Three days after an Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed, killing all 157 people on board, country after country ignored assessments by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration that the plane is safe to fly. Even U.S. ally Canada agreed Wednesday to ground the plane and restrict it from its airspace.

Canada grounds Boeing 737 Max, leaving U.S. isolated as FAA refuses to follow suit

The safety notice restricts the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 from operating in or overflying Canada, Transport Minister Marc Garneau told reporters.

Airlines rethink Boeing 737 orders after second crash in five months

Kenya Airways is reevaluating plans to buy up to 10 Boeing 737 Max 8s and Indonesia's Lion Air moves to drop a $22-billion order for the plane after recent crashes.

Ethiopian pilot reported ‘flight-control problems’ before fatal Boeing 737 Max crash

The report come as Ethiopian Airlines announced Wednesday that it would send the voice and data recorders from its ill-fated Flight 302 to be analyzed abroad, as more countries said they were banning planes of the same type from operating in their airspace.

U.S. aviation officials stand virtually alone in their support for Boeing’s 737 Max airplane

While the Federal Aviation Administration released a statement of confidence in the safety of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft involved in two deadly crashes in the last six months, countries around the world decided to ground the plane.

Stocks end mostly higher, but Boeing drops again

Technology and healthcare companies led U.S. stock indexes mostly higher Tuesday, building on the market’s solid gains from the day before. Boeing weighed on the Dow Jones industrial average.

Don't ground the 737 Max 8 just yet

The FAA is right not to jump to conclusions on the Boeing 737 Max 8. These two crashes may not be as similar as people think.

The 737 Max fallout poses a risk to Boeing’s finances — and its reputation

Boeing Co. faced a quickly escalating threat to its reputation and financial health as more airline authorities worldwide grounded Boeing’s 737 Max jetliners following two fatal crashes.

Boeing faces growing pressure over crash as foreign airlines ground the 737 Max

The FAA issued a statement of confidence in the safety of Boeing's 737 Max following its second crash in less than six months, but foreign carriers grounded the plane as investigations proceeded.

Families of Lion Air crash victims sued Boeing days before Ethiopian Airlines disaster

The latest crash came just days after Boeing was sued by relatives of last year's Indonesian Lion Air disaster, which also involved a Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing stock dives after 737 Max 8 crash as several countries ground the plane

Boeing stock dived more than 7% on Monday morning after one of its 737 planes crashed in Ethiopia over the weekend, killing all 157 people aboard.

United Nations mourns 21 employees killed in Ethiopian Airlines plane crash

U.N. humanitarian workers who ran feeding programs and specialized in gender issues were among those killed in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

Fatal crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane raises hard questions about a mainstay Boeing jet

The crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX jet on Sunday, killing all 157 aboard, had uncanny similarities to a fatal accident in Indonesia five months earlier, raising disturbing questions about a mainstay aircraft that airlines have bought by the hundreds.

Ethiopian Airlines flight crashes just after takeoff, killing all 157 aboard

The recently acquired aircraft was the same Boeing 737 Max 8 model involved in a crash in Indonesia in October.

Pilots of ill-fated Lion Air flight may have been befuddled by safety system

The Lion Air crash probe is examining the role played by software, intended to protect against pilot errors, that has caused several deadly crashes around the world and whether the crew understood that system.

Boeing steps up response to criticism after fatal Lion Air crash

Boeing Co. pushed back on suggestions that it could have better alerted airlines to a new anti-stall feature in the 737 Max jetliner involved in a fatal Indonesia crash, and it canceled a Tuesday call with carriers during which it had planned to discuss the model.

What you need to know about the 737 MAX and the flight control system suspected in the Lion Air crash

A new system added to the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is reportedly at the center of an investigation into a Lion Air jet's sudden crash into the ocean late last month.

All 189 aboard Indonesian airliner presumed dead after newly acquired jet crashes into the sea

A Lion Air plane crashed into the sea just minutes after taking off from Indonesia's capital on Monday, probably killing all 189 people on board.