30 gifts under $50 from the 2020 L.A. Times Gift Guide

Collage of candle, eye pillow, macrame plant holder and bath soak
(Bodha; Like Woah; Odacite; National Park; Rogue Paq; illustration Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

We’ve selected 30 of our favorite gifts under $50 from our gift guide lists. From home goods to plenty of self-care items to L.A.-themed accessories, we’ve got you covered if you’re still looking for the perfect present.

Compiled by Gabby Fernandez, Denise Florez and Jessica Martinez.

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Theodore Payne’s souvenir seed collection

Souvenir Seed Collection from Theodore Payne
(Marie Astrid Gonzalez)

Paired with the poppy mask, or all alone, this collection includes seeds for six native wildflowers to create your own riot of blooms with California poppies, Sky Lupine, California goldfields, Lacy Phacelia, Globe Gilia and Lacy Phacelia.


$15 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our plant gift guide

Like Woah DIY plant hanger kit

DIY macrame plant hanger kit from Like Woah
(Samantha Baron)

Teach yourself how to macrame with this Do It Yourself kit for beginners from Portland-based Likewoah. The provides everything you need to make your own single macramé plant hanger: directions, pre-cut rope, and wooden ring.

$40 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our plant gift guide

Good and Well Supply National Park candles

Joshua Tree National Park candle
(Good & Well Supply)

National Parks. Relaxing scents. Really pretty labels. These candles are a crowd pleaser. There are 30 parks to choose from, including some of our favorites: Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.


$25-36 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our outdoor gift guide

Guide to Griffith Park

"Discovering Griffith Park: A Local's Guide" by Modern Hiker's Casey Schreiner
(Christopher Reynolds / Los Angel)

Take a deep dive into L.A’s wildest park with “Discovering Griffith Park: A Local’s Guide” by Modern Hiker’s Casey Schreiner. Discover new routes and views, without getting lost. The park became particularly important during the pandemic as an escape valve for Angelenos. Schreiner shows us just how dear it is.

$18.95 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our outdoor gift guide

Odacite’s moisturizing bath soak

Ayurvedic bath soak by Odacite. $24

Unwind with the Topanga Canyon-based brand’s Mood Cleansing Ayurvedic Bath Soak, comprising detoxifying Himalayan crystal salt with grapefruit and lemongrass moisturizing oils. The company was founded by cancer survivor Valerie Grandury who set out to remove toxins from her life. Could be a nice break from the usual epsom salts after a workout or just to relax.


$24 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our self-care gift guide

Aromatherapy eye pillow from Bodha

Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Marle Cashmere by Bodha

The eye pillow is deceiving. It just ... sits there. Ah, that is the beauty of it. An eye pillow requires you to settle down while lying on your back — all the better to enjoy deep, relaxing breaths. And you must be still, or else the eye pillow will just plop off. Now, are you following? This made-in-L.A. version from Bodha drapes itself over your face, shutting out all the light. It has just enough heft to it that it feels a bit like a weighted blanket for your face. It’s made in L.A. from soft washed linen, filled with a custom blend of organic buckwheat and lavender and chamomile flowers. The cover is washable. And just like that, you are halfway to a nap or a great night’s sleep.

$38 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our self-care gift guide

The Silent Night sleep kit from Lather

Bedtime stories gift set by Lather

Fall asleep with ease thanks to the Emilie Hoyt-founded, Pasadena-based brand’s aromatherapeutic Silent Night Gift Set, which includes a lavender bath bomb, pillow mist, relaxing balm, and silk eye mask.


$28| 👉 Purchase here + see more of our self-care gift guide

Paint-by-numbers kit from Texture of Dreams

Agave Plant Paint by Numbers Kit
(Texture of Dreams)

Another crafty way to get in some mindful “me” time? Paint by numbers. You don’t need to have an artistic bone in your body, just a desire to follow the rules. Walnut, Calif.-based Texture of Dreams has plenty of canvases to choose from, and the arrive at your door along with a road map — and paint and brushes, of course — to bring your image to life. You can even give them a picture, perhaps of a beloved pet, or of a wedding vow, and Texture of Dreams will turn that into a paint-by-numbers portrait, and you’ll have the perfect sentimental gift to give.

From $29.99 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our self-care gift guide

Rogue Paq Joie de Weed joint-rolling tray

Gold Tone Joint Rolling Tray from Rogue Paq.
(Amanda Marie Photographie)

Rogue Paq’s line of upscale smoking accessories has expanded beyond the roll-up-and-go carrying case we featured in our first cannabis gift guide back in 2018 to include gold-tone grinders, hemostat/joint clips and a joint-rolling tray (pictured) emblazoned with the words ‘joie de weed’ (a play on joie de vivre) that will add a dash of joie to the rolling ritual.

$49 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cannabis gift guide


Papa & Barkley Releaf balm

Releaf balm

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf balm is a pain-relieving topical with an ingredient list that includes coconut oil, beeswax and eucalyptus. It also has a 1-to-3 ratio of CBD to THC, which means it needs to be purchased through a licensed dispensary even though it won’t get anyone high. Tip: the 15-milliliter jar would be perfect to tuck into the toe of a Christmas stocking.

$30 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cannabis gift guide

Kneeland Co. Rarities Oaxacan floral candles

Wax floral candles from Kneeland Co. Rarities
(Kneeland Co.)

Wax floral candles at Kneeland Co. Rarities are handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico, and can be burned or used as a decorative accessory. The candles come in four sizes, and Joanna Williams said she will be adding red and green candles to the collection for the holidays in November.

$35 to $68 apiece | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cozy gift guide


Naked Cashmere sleep mask

Knitted, pure cashmere eye mask from Naked Cashmere
(Naked Cashmere)

Sleep soundly with this knitted, pure cashmere eye mask from Naked Cashmere. It also features a silk lining.

$49 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cozy gift guide

Cotton Citizen tie-dye socks

Locally-made tie-dye socks from Cotton Citizen
(Cotton Citizen)

Add a trendy pop-of-color into drab sleepwear with these locally made tie-dye socks from Cotton Citizen.

$25 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cozy gift guide


One Gun Ranch Coffee mug

One Gun Ranch mugs

Support local treasure One Gun Ranch with this Malibu-branded mug, which is one of the many California-themed coffee cups available at the infamous Malibu Pier shop.

$20 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cozy gift guide

Black Home luxe flatware set

Gold and matte black four-piece set of dishwasher safe utensils
(The Black Home)

Spice up your home life with this gold and matte black four-piece set of dishwasher safe utensils from decor goddess Neffi Walker’s label, the Black Home.

$32.88 | 👉 Purchase here + see more of our cozy gift guide


Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Game & Watch. Credit: Nintendo of America
(Nintendo of America)

A must either for those nostalgic for gaming’s past or those who want to introduce a new generation to a piece of video game history. In honor of the 35th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” Nintendo is re-imagining its classic Game & Watch handheld device, which in the early ‘80s introduced many to appeal of video games. This little device gives us the original “Super Mario Bros.” and the especially aged “Game & Watch: Ball.” Or just get it and use it as an animated clock.

$49.99| 👉 Purchase here + see more of our games gift guide

‘Edible Games Cookbook’ by Jenn Sandercock

Edible Games - Veggie Land from the Edible Games Cookbook by Jenn Sandercock
(Kate Baldwin / Inquisiment, Inc)

Throughout 2020 many have rediscovered — or discovered for the first time — the art of cooking and baking. No doubt a large percentage of that group is tired of cooking. So it’s a good time to start viewing our food as an entrant to play. Jenn Sandercock’s book, available as a Kindle edition, comes with recipes — and rules — for 12 food-based games, such as the gingerbread-based “The Order of the Oven Mitt.” While the loving pictures will show perfectly crafted playable food items, don’t be overwhelmed, as Sandercock’s book offers store-bought and even non-edible alternatives to get you into the game quicker.

$25| 👉 Purchase here + see more of our games gift guide


Mipa’s pots

Mipa pots

Los Angeles potter and self-proclaimed plant lover Mipa Shin will be creating Caudex planters (plants that form a caudex, or swollen stem) in off-white, black and beige buff for the holidays as well as UFO planters for hanging plants. Curbside pickup is available in Cypress Park.

$40 | 👉 Purchase here + see more made-in-L.A. gifts

@latimes 3-pack of zines

3 zines from The Los Angeles Times
(Los Angeles Times)

The L.A. Times is offering a three-pack of limited-run zines about some of our favorite topics: plants, food and the great outdoors. Designed in-house by our creative team, this pack features Little Book of Plants from @latimesplants, Beginner’s Guide to Griffith Park and Back to Basics from @latimesfood.

$25 | 👉 Purchase here + see more made-in-L.A. gifts

Krizia Flores’ concrete vessels

Krizia Flores' colorful concrete planters and votives
(Concrete Geometric)

Krizia Flores designs colorful concrete planters and votives in a variety of sizes as well as a DIY Concrete Kit that allows you to create your own pot at home using recycled take out containers.

Starting at $14 | 👉 Purchase here + see more made-in-L.A. gifts

Savannah Cotter’s rainbow air plant holder

(Savannah Cotter)

Savannah Cotter of GoodsmithShop creates tiny planters from the reclaimed wood she collects at construction sites and salvage yards. Each planter comes embossed with a handpainted rainbow, an air plant, and a care card. In addition, a new tree is planted for every planter purchased.
$18 | 👉 Purchase here + see more made-in-L.A. gifts

L.A. Living Earrings

Laser cut mirrored acrylic earrings
(Enkrpyt Los Angeles)

Proudly show your hometown pride with these made-to-order laser cut mirrored acrylic earrings, which are handmade in Highland Park and from the brand Mi Vida.


$28 | 👉 Purchase here + see more made-in-L.A. gifts

‘DC: Women of Action’ book of illustrated ‘bios’

Cover of the book DC: Women of Action by Shea Fontana
(Chronicle Books)

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman and Harley Quinn are just a few of DC’s better-known comic book characters. Packed with gorgeous illustrations, “DC: Women of Action” by Shea Fontana spotlights the many female heroes and villains of the DC universe as well as the women who have helped the development of these characters along the way.

$29.95 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our superhero gift guide

‘A Promised Land’

Cover of the book A Promised Land by Barack Obama
(Pari Dukovic / Crown)

Will President Barack Obama’s two-volume account of his time in office stack up with the greats? On the evidence of “Dreams from My Father,” Ulysses S. Grant might get a run for his money. The first volume will end with Bin Laden dead and General Motors alive. Due out Nov. 17.


$45 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our books gift guide

‘The Essentials Vol. 2: 52 More Must-See Movies and Why They Matter’

The Essentials Vol. 2: 52 More Must-See Movies and Why They Matter
(Running Press Adult)

One of the most popular showcases on TCM is “The Essentials.” Every Saturday evening host Ben Mankiewicz and a special co-host feature classic films with lasting impact on audiences. Film historian/author Jeremy Arnold showcases 52 of the “Essentials” picks — from F.W. Murnau’s 1927 “Sunrise” to Phil Alden Robinson’s 1989 “Field of Dreams” — and explains why they are so important.

$25.99 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our classic Hollywood gift guide

June Taylor jams

June Taylor jams
(Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times)

Berkeley-based June Taylor has been crafting singular jams for 30 years, made with mostly organic fruits that serve as a record of California’s microregional growing seasons. She uses sugar and acid the way a silversmith uses a polisher: They only enhance what is already there. Taylor announced that she’s closing her business this year after the holidays. This is the final opportunity to savor her legendary blood orange marmalade or her apricot and peach conserves, which are as near to eating fresh fruit as a commercial product can achieve.


$12 and up | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our food gift guide

Meals Clothing food-inspired face masks

Meals Clothing face masks
(Meals Clothing)

Meals Clothing makes colorful, comfortable, non-gendered apparel and accessories inspired by a motley array of delicious foods, including bacon, doughnuts, pita bread, watermelon and blueberry-flavored Slurpee drinks. The shop’s face masks, made in Los Angeles using hand-dyed cotton, are lightweight and breathable — the Funfetti cake mix mask is particularly fetching. All proceeds of the funky lettuce-themed mask go to Summaeverythang, which brings organic produce to South L.A. neighborhoods.

$6 and up | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our food gift guide

Elvis Presley, ‘From Elvis in Nashville’ CD

"From Elvis in Nashville" four-disc set
(Sony Legacy)

This four-disc set chronicles Presley’s June 1970 sessions in Nashville, where he knocked out a bunch of material later released onThat’s the Way It Is” and “Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old),” among other LPs. Stripped of overdubs and orchestrations, these recordings are lean and rocking, highlighting how Presley could be just part of his crack studio band.


$40.99 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our music gift guide

‘Blue Heaven: The Story of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2020 World Series Season’

"Blue Heaven," a commemorative book celebrating the Dodgers' championship 2020 season
(Los Angeles Times)

When the championship rings came home to the city of angels this year, The Times was there every step of the way. We’ve compiled this hardcover collector’s book to help you celebrate the Dodgers’ historic World Series championship. The book features 160 pages of compelling stories and dramatic photos from our incredible journalists.

$29.95 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our merch gift guide

‘Return to Glory: The Los Angeles Lakers’ Historic 2019-20 Championship’

"Return to Glory" chronicles the Lakers' championship run during the historic 2019-20 season
(Los Angeles Times)

Can’t get enough of the Lakers’ one-of-a-kind title run? Get the hardcover collector’s book that captures the Lakers’ 2020 championship saga featuring photos and stories by the award-winning journalists of The Times. Commemorate this historic season with 160 pages of compelling stories and dramatic photos.


$29.95 | 👉 Purchase here + see more from our merch gift guide