While you’re grilling that Father’s Day steak, grill the side dishes too

8 Recipes
An artfully arranged array of grilled vegetables including carrots, bell peppers, radishes, corn, red onion and scallions.
(Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times)

These grilled veggie dishes will take your steak dinner from fabulous to sensational.


If you’re firing up the grill to make Dad some steaks for Father’s Day, you may as well grill up your sides while you’re at it.

Grilled Avocado With Marinated Tomato Salad can be served as a salad course or as part of the main course. Yes, you read correctly: grilled avocado (I did a “Wait, what?” on that one, too). And if that is not intriguing enough on its own, get this: Rather than using vegetable oil, you slather the cut edge of the avocado with mayonnaise to prevent it from sticking to the grill grate.

Grilled Spring Carrots With Fresh Za’atar And Tahini Labneh made with baby carrots instead of regular-sized makes a great appetizer and also a terrific accompaniment to grilled meats. Whatever the size of the carrots, the tang from the labneh and the earthiness of the tahini and za’atar together with the smokiness from charring helps the sweetness of the carrots shine.

Grilled Baby New Potato Salad leaves the mayonnaise for another occasion and tosses the grilled veggies (green beans too) in a light, minty Dijon-balsamic vinaigrette. If you prefer your potatoes hot, Grilled Potatoes With Parmesan, Garlic And Rosemary also employ mayo to prevent sticking. Use a flavored one for a “coated french fry” effect.


Face it: Grilled Vegetables are divine. Grill up your lastest farmers’ market finds or gather those vegetable remnants lurking in the recesses of your fridge. Enjoy the flavor of each vegetable as-is or whip up a vinaigrette or a dip or two and you’ve got something for everyone.

If you are more of a purist, serve one or two specific veggies that will shine. For Grilled Corn With Tequila-Lime Butter, soak fresh ears of corn in water and place them on the grill in the husk. They will get a great smoky-grilled flavor, look pristine, and the job of husking will be much easier. Grilled Eggplant With Anchovies, Garlic And Rosemary is as simple as cutting slits into the eggplant and filling them with bits of the fish and herbs, much as you might prepare a leg of lamb.

Grilled Cauliflower Wedges make an impressive presentation and are juicy and delicious. For more flavor, serve one — or some — of your favorite dipping sauces alongside.


Grilled avocado with marinated tomato salad

Grilled avocado halves are topped with cherry tomatoes marinated in a piquant vinaigrette of olive oil, Dijon mustard and sherry vinegar, onion, basil, capers and garlic.
Time 25 minutes
Yields Serves 4

Grilled Spring Carrots with Fresh Za’atar and Tahini Labneh

Whole carrots, lightly charred on the grill, are balanced with a creamy tahini-flavored labneh and fresh za'atar spice blend, made with carrot tops, sprinkled over the top.
Time 45 minutes
Yields Serves 4 to 6.

Grilled baby new potato salad

Grilled potatoes and green beans are tossed in a light, minty Dijon-balsamic vinaigrette for a refreshing, subtly smoky potato salad.
Time 25 minutes
Yields Serves 6

Grilled potatoes with parmesan, garlic and rosemary

Mayonnaise is the trick to keeping these potatoes from sticking to the grill. It takes on a beautiful golden color and crisps up, giving them a crunchiness like coated French fries.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables are perfect for everyday meals, special occasions and everything in between.
Time 40 minutes
Yields Serves 6 to 8

Grilled corn with tequila-lime butter

Lime and a little tequila in the compound butter make the corn flavor really pop. A little minced jalapeño gives it a bit of heat and a sprinkle of cilantro adds color.
Time 1 hour
Yields Serves 8

Grilled eggplant with anchovies, garlic and rosemary

Cut slits into thick slabs of eggplant and insert thinly sliced garlic, some salted anchovy and a sprig of rosemary. Brush with garlicky olive oil. Grill. Yowza.
Time 45 minutes
Yields Serves 6 to 8

Grilled Cauliflower Wedges

Cauliflower wedges get charred and juicy on the grill, making for a versatile side dish or satisfying vegan main course.
Time 30 minutes
Yields Serves 2 to 4