Time 1 hour
Yields Serves 4 to 6
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Chef Alon Shaya’s take on this quintessential Israeli breakfast includes Jerusalem artichokes and fava beans which give it an extra earthiness. If you’re short on time, feel free to omit them for a more classic version of the dish. The zhoug gives it an extra zing.

From the story: An Israeli chef rediscovers his roots, plus a recipe for shakshouka




In a food processor, combine the cilantro, parsley, serrano chiles, garlic, orange zest, salt, cumin, cloves, cardamom and sugar, along with the vinegar and oil. Blitz until saucy. If it’s not quite coming together, add 1 tablespoon water at a time. This makes about 1 cup of zhoug.


Fill a large pot with water and 1 tablespoon salt, and bring to a boil. Thoroughly scrub the Jerusalem artichokes; if they’re large or unevenly sized, cut them into even pieces. Boil the artichokes until they’re the consistency of a cooked potato — easily pierced but not falling apart — 30 to 35 minutes. Drain, and when they’re cool enough to handle, slice into little coins.


Fill another pot with water and bring to a boil; meanwhile, prepare an ice bath. Cook the fava beans until the outer shell puffs up and pull away from the bean, about 5 minutes. The water in the pot will turn reddish but don’t freak out — that’s normal. Shock the beans in the ice bath to stop the cooking, then shell them when they’ve cooled down. You should have about 1 cup beans.


In a large enameled or stainless-steel skillet with a lid, add the olive oil. Heat over high heat, and when the oil is shimmering, pull the skillet off the heat and carefully add the cherry tomatoes; they’ll give off a lot of smoke and may splatter. Place the pan back on the heat and don’t stir; you want the tomatoes to char lightly in a few places.


After a couple of minutes, when the tomatoes are starting to blister, stir in the bell peppers, onion and garlic. Cook, stirring frequently, until all of the vegetables are a little golden around the edges and the cherry tomatoes are melting into everything else, about 4 minutes.


Decrease the heat to medium, and add the Jerusalem artichokes, favas, and remaining 2 teaspoons salt. Roughly crush the canned tomatoes between your fingers, or chop them, and add them to the pan with their juice. Cook the sauce until it thickens slightly, a couple of minutes or so.


Decrease the heat to medium-low, and use your spoon to make little divots in the sauce, one per egg. Crack an egg into each, cover the pan, and cook until the egg white is set but the center still jiggles, 4 to 6 minutes. Dollop a spoonful of zhoug over each egg before serving.

Adapted from a recipe in “Shaya: An Odyssey of Food, My Journey Back to Israel” by Alon Shaya.