Skillet pizza

Time 1 hour
Yields Servings: 8 (4 pizzas)
Skillet pizza
(Los Angeles Times)

In the large bowl of an electric mixer, stir the yeast into 1/3 cup of warm water until dissolved. Stir in the honey. Let stand until the mixture becomes foamy, 10 to 15 minutes. Add the remaining 2/3 cup water, 2 cups of the flour, olive oil and salt. Mix on low speed until a soft dough forms, about 1 minute. Place on a floured board and knead 3 to 4 minutes, adding in enough of the remaining flour to make the dough soft but not sticky. Place the dough in a greased bowl and cover. Let rise in a warm place until doubled in size, 45 to 60 minutes.


Divide the dough into 4 balls, cover with plastic wrap or wax paper and let rest on a greased baking sheet while you make the pizzas. For each pizza, roll out a piece of dough on a lightly floured surface into a 10-inch round. (You can store the rolled-out dough in the refrigerator until ready to use; stack between pieces of wax paper and tightly cover.)


Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-low heat until hot, reduce the heat to low and brush with olive oil. Heat an additional 30 seconds. Place a dough round in the skillet and cook, covered, 1 minute. The dough will puff and rise. Remove the lid from the skillet and cook, uncovered, over low heat until the crust is golden brown on the bottom, 3 to 4 minutes. Use a spatula and turn the dough over. Top with desired topping combinations and cook until the bottom of the pizza is golden brown and crisp, an additional 3 to 5 minutes. If a large quantity of cheese is used, cover the pan briefly to melt the cheese. (Covering the pan softens the crust slightly.) Cook an additional minute to crisp the bottom crust.

Kale topping: For one pizza, heat a small skillet and add 1 teaspoon olive oil. Add 1 clove minced garlic and cook 30 seconds. Add 1 cup chopped kale and stir. Add 1/3 cup chicken broth and cook until the kale is slightly soft but crisp, 5 minutes. Drain and press dry with paper towels. Spread the kale on top of the pizza as directed for toppings, then sprinkle with dried red pepper flakes to taste, and add 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese and 1 tablespoon pine nuts.

Each pizza (2 servings): 613 calories; 1,291 mg. sodium; 33 mg. cholesterol; 26 grams fat; 8 grams saturated fat; 75 grams carbohydrates; 23 grams protein; 6 grams fiber.

Mushroom topping: For one pizza, heat a skillet over medium heat. Add 1 teaspoon olive oil and heat. Add 1/2 cup sliced shiitake mushrooms and cook until golden brown, 4 minutes. Spread the mushrooms on top of the pizza as directed for toppings, then sprinkle with 2 tablespoons chopped pitted Kalamata olives, 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves or savory and 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese.

Each pizza (2 servings): 570 calories; 1,109 mg. sodium; 16 mg. cholesterol; 21 grams fat; 6 grams saturated fat; 78 grams carbohydrates; 21 grams protein; 7 grams fiber.
For a thicker crust, divide the dough into 3 parts.

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