Southern Section transfer committee decides to make no recommendations on rule changes


A nine-member Southern Section transfer committee declined to make any recommendations on changing rules after a year-long study, commissioner Rob Wigod said Thursday.

The committee failed to come to a consensus about the need for new rules but will continue to monitor transfer issues and plans to meet again in January, according to Wigod.

Wigod said members are pleased with a recent new requirement on paperwork required for a valid change of residence.


A survey taken by the Southern Section last year indicated members wanted changes in the rules but the specifics were hard to come by on what to do.

“The people have spoken,” Wigod said. “In terms of a consensus on a specific bylaw change, they didn’t feel it was there.”

In my opinion, if there’s no consensus on transfer rule change, maybe the committee needs to focus on bylaw 510, which involves undue influence — otherwise known as illegal recruiting. In the age of social media, adults are using it to recruit athletes, and they come from private and public schools. That’s where the next focus needs to be.