Southern Section approves new summer dead period rule

Southern Section Council held its meeting on Tuesday in Long Beach.
(Eric Sondheimer / Los Angeles Times)

A divided Southern Section Council voted 45-40-5 to approve a new summer dead period rule that will require principals to select a minimum two-week period in which all campus athletic facilities will be closed, allowing coaches, players and administrators to take time off. The rule takes effect July 1, so schools must put a plan together for this summer.

Palmdale athletic director Jeff Williams, who helped propose the rule, said his school plans to take off the first two weeks of June.

Previously, there was a mandatory three-week dead period but each sport had the flexibility to choose when it would take time off and some facilities were left open for athletes to work on their own.


This new policy should help multi-sport athletes, coaches and their families plan for a certain vacation. No weight training will be allowed, and there will be no open gym or use of the track.

Principals will now face the challenge of creating a two-week dead period that satisfies all their sports programs. Football would likely get top priority since it is the first sport to be played in the fall but all sports will have to work out new schedules, from summer baseball to summer basketball.

The Southern Section Council also voted to oppose a proposal to create CIF regional playoffs in baseball and softball in June 2021. Southern Section representatives are instructed to oppose the proposal that will be considered at the next CIF State Federated Council meeting.