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Football: It’s even too hot in Palm Springs

Palm Springs football Coach Dan Murphy is waiting to hear from his trainer to see if his team can practice today. It’s gotten that hot and that humid in an area where triple-digit temperatures are common.

“I’ve been doing this for 22 years, and this is the first time it’s come to this,” Murphy said by phone on Friday afternoon.

The trainer has an instrument to determine the heat index, combining heat and humidity. The humidty is what’s causing problems, Murphy said.

“We’re getting dressed right now,” Murphy said. “It’s probably 113 right now, real humid. 110 would be a nice temperature for us if it was dry without humidity.”


Murphy said his players know how to deal with heat.

“I know there’s certain areas it gets over 100 they shut down but we’d never be able to practice,” he said. “There’s plenty of water breaks, shade, fans.”

In Southern California, triple-digit temperatures caused El Camino Real in Woodland Hills to cancel soccer tryouts on Friday.