Podcast: Lakers hire Frank Vogel for now, Jason Kidd for later

Now & Later - 3.59 calories per gram
Columnist Bill Plaschke compares the Lakers’ coaching hires to the candy Now & Later — Frank Vogel for now, Jason Kidd for later.

In the latest episode of The Times’ “Arrive Early, Leave Late” podcast, columnist Bill Plaschke offers an interesting take on the Lakers’ recent head coaching hire.

He compares it to candy.

After the Lakers missed out on hiring Tyronn Lue, who has already coached LeBron James to one NBA title, they ended up making a decision that had many people scratching their heads.

“They blew the obvious hire, and who do they hire instead? They hire two coaches!” Plaschke tells host Beto Durán. “You heard of that candy, Now & Later? Well, that’s their coaching hire — they hired Frank Vogel for now and Jason Kidd for later.”


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Plaschke goes straight to the top when assigning blame for the Lakers’ current state of affairs.

“It’s a lack of leadership. They’re rudderless right now,” he says. “Jeanie Buss is lost. She doesn’t know who to listen to, so she listens to everybody. This is an organization that Dr. Jerry Buss ran, you knew he was the leader. You knew what direction they were going. Now there’s no direction at all.”


Plaschke also discusses his recent column on Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, whose wife of 65 years recently passed away.

Later, columnist Arash Markasi joins the podcast to discuss the Lakers’ legacy in Los Angeles.

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