‘Tom Brady Sux': So declares the bottom of more than 20,000 beer cans

The next time some dude insults your favorite NFL quarterback and then claims it’s just the beer talking, you might want to pause before punching the guy in the face.

He might be right. Especially if the quarterback he’s talking about is Tom Brady.

I’m not saying the opinion expressed about the New England Patriots superstar is correct. Far be it from me to criticize a guy who has won four Super Bowls and has a moat around his house.

But the notion that it’s the beer talking -- well, if the guy just happened to be quoting from his can of Wee Mac Scottish Ale, then he just might be right.


More than 20,000 cans of the beer made by Sun King brewery came off the line with the words “Tom Brady Sux” on the bottom of the can, right next to the born-on date. The brewery is located in Indianapolis and Wee Mac is served at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts.

Turns out, it’s kind of Sun King’s thing to put little nuggets of humor in that location on its cans. Brewery co-owner Clay Robinson told the Indianapolis Star that an employee who goes by the name Biscuit was solely responsible for the jab.

So I guess if you really want to punch someone, Patriots fans, go find Biscuit. But you might want to go easy on the poor guy -- he already has to endure the humiliation of now having to submit his witty beer-bottom sayings to management before printing them on cans.