Web Buzz: Travel websites and apps

Web Buzz: Transit App helps users navigate public transportation

Transit App helps navigate public transportation in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Kenya.

Making a travel budget? Here's a starting point

What type of vacation can you really afford? This interactive map can help you make smart travel decisions.

With Airmule, air travelers with space in their bags transport parcels for a fee

The decades-old air courier service meets the sharing economy.

Creative types want to show you their neighborhoods via

At the travel website, artists, designers and other creative types share tips about their neighborhoods. has tips for how to eat locally globally has comprehensive looks at local dishes and drinks in more than 125 cities.

With the Stray Boots app, play a scavenger hunt that's really a city tour

The Stray Boots app helps users explore a city in the guise of a scavenger hunt.

Couch-surf places with style via the LGBT-friendly

You're a traveler drawn to style and design? The LGBT-friendly curates the world for you.

The Plane app is a way for travelers to make social connections

Plane, an app, lets travelers network and pick up some tips about places they're visiting.

Web Buzz: Get an advance look at ride-share fares and give riders an advance look at travel time and pricing.

Web Buzz: Tripsak aims to simplify trip planning

Tripsak offers links to at least 20 travel websites, including Airbnb and Kayak, to make planning a trip easier.

Envision how the glamorous people relax at

The website lets users envision how celebrities relax, then book a trip.

Web Buzz: OneGo allows subscribers to book unlimited commercial flights

A monthly subscription to OneGo entitles users to flights on Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, United and Virgin America.

Web Buzz: Travelers with car trouble can use the Honk app to contact roadside assistance

Travelers with car trouble can use the Honk app to contact roadside assistance.

Think it, book it, do it: Vurb app eases the work of going out

The Vurb app draws from Google Maps, Yelp, Lyft and more to bring an all-in-one efficiency to planning a day out. opens the door to luxe rooms in Las Vegas and Miami

The website for hard-to-find, high-end hotel suites plans to add Los Angeles and New York to its roster next. gets you organized for a vacation is a trip organizer website, collecting vacation ideas, ratings, maps and more with the help of a Chrome app.

Web Buzz: Take a small private tour of Paris through

The website offers small, private tours of Paris with licensed local guides.

Before you plan your next trip, watch Sonia Gil of 'Sonia's Travels'

Sonia Gil gives travel tips on "Sonia's Travels," her YouTube channel.

Web Buzz: helps craft enthusiasts travel with purpose features travel tours the offer workshops on quilting, scrapbooking, crocheting and other crafts.

Explore the world through's drone photos and videos website provides aerial photography and aerial video shot by drones.

Plug-and-play itinerary builder lets friends offer tips offers suggestions for trips in the U.S. and Europe, but isn't so foodie-friendly.

Get lost in Facet-Video Travel Inspiration's curated collections

From beaches to epic views, Facet-Video Travel Inspiration offers original travel videos from around the world. Then there's the tempting and easy Airbnb connection.

Surfers can stop surfing the Web thanks to hangs loose with a tsunami of spots for every surfer type, skill and preference

Web Buzz: Don't want to pack that winter coat? Get a rental sent to your hotel delivers a suitcase to your New York hotel filled with clothes, accessories and toiletries. Rentals are from two to five days.

Travelers might find a clever, easier way to plan itineraries at has city travel guides (including what to avoid) and planning tools.

Want a vacation rental in a beauty spot? has a list

The website lists vacation rentals near national parks and other scenic areas.

Check into a tiny house at

Intrigued by the idea of a tiny house? lets you experience the movement first hand near Boston. steers electric car owners to charging stations and its app give electric car owners information on charging stations in the U.S. and beyond. finds great deals on flight prices

Web Buzz: send you emails on remarkably cheap flights that it finds by scouring the Internet

Tours via give travelers a culturally rich experience connects cultural experts of a particular city with travelers seeking in-depth experiences.

Got room in the car for cargo? Roadie app connects drivers with people who want to send stuff

The Roadie app links road trippers/drivers with people who need to get parcels moved across town or across the country.

Save your travel hot spots to a map or list with the Mapstr app

Mapstr is an easy-to-build list-making app that pinpoints places on a map so you can tag and save your favorites. is a breezy companion who takes great pictures takes armchair travelers on adventures far and wide. Great photos and bucket list ideas.

Dog Land app connects you with dog lovers, pet resources the world over

The Dog Land app links users to dog lovers, plus dog parks, vets and other canine resources near and far. Plus, cute dog photos. helps the disabled find where to stay on vacation

The disabled get help with vacation plans with the new website It lists accessible lodgings across the world.

Hitting up HitList for lower-priced flights

The HitList travel app helps users search for inexpensive flights to dream destinations. With curated lists and more.

Web Buzz: Zozi helps you dream up, and prepare for, that next trip

The Zozi travel website shares travel destinations, activities, experiences, gear and inspiration.

Download entertainment on the go with Amazon Video app

The Amazon Video app lets you download movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime accounts on iPhones, iPads, Android and Fire devices. helps you get theme-park vacation plans rolling

New website, despite not yet having a complete list, promises to be a helpful starting point on vacation planning.

Set sail with app app will find the perfect vessel for any need, from parties to exercise to fishing

Cameo is ready for your travel videos

The Cameo app helps create a slick collage of travel videos taken with your smartphone. helps get the party rolling with a catalog of sites features an international list of venues available for meetings, parties and other events.

Web Buzz: Travel a state via the California Through My Lens blog

Josh McNair's California Through My Lens blog is a personal but thorough travelogue of the state. A good place to get ideas.

Web Buzz: Lumy app tracks the sun to aid your picture-taking

Like to take photos when you travel? Sunrise or sunset is great for picture-taking. The Lumy app tells you when to head out. gets travelers to center of the action in 40 cities offers transportation options and costs to help travelers get from airports to city centers in 40 cities worldwide.

DUFL app takes on suitcase duties for baggage-free business travel

Use the business travel-focused DUFL app to pack your bags and ship them anywhere within the U.S.

Get your festival on with

Plug in a topic from food to faith to music and beyond, and will give you a page of festival options.

Hotel Upgrade app helps spot the extra perks when booking a room

Get help finding extra perks at no cost with the Hotel Upgrade app.

Twicer app helps travelers add voice-over to vacation videos

The Twicer app lets users add their own commentary to travel videos to give them more depth.

Lonely Planet: Make My Day app can help quickly set your itinerary

Lonely Planet's Make My Day app can help plan a full day's worth of sightseeing in major cities around the world.

Rethinking a hotel price? DreamCheaper looks for better after booking

DreamCheaper scopes out savings even after a hotel room's been booked, and will cancel and rebook for you.

Fly Video Editor lets even novices soar

Fly Video Editor, a smartphone app, lets you edit video on your phone for sharing.

Digiboo a movie-rental option for jet-setters

Digiboo movie rental service allows airport travelers to download movies via app and kiosk.

HotelsByDay books rooms available in the daylight hours

The app finds rooms available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., opening up all sorts of options

BubbleGlobe links travelers, locals for uniquely genuine outings

Connect to local guides in Paris, Rome and other cities via for an insider's take on what to do and where to go.

Before you check in, check out

Hotel deal website not only finds and compares the best rates, it ranks the amenities and more.

Web Buzz: Gas Guru app points you to fill-ups for less

Gas Guru app lists prices at gas stations near your current location. Not to be confused with GasBuddy.

Book the best boutique hotel experience with Slow-Chic

Web Buzz: Reasonable prices may land you in a 17th century château or a small castle in Brittany

Citymaps app helps users collect, share points of interest

The global map app Citymaps, available for iPhone, iPad and more, enables user to collect and share point of interest. recommends foodie stops and food for thought is a literary food blog that recommends foodie spots, indie bookstores, libraries, coffee shops in 47 U.S. cities.

Gociety is a great way to meet great people in the great outdoors and its iOS app can bring together active folks who enjoy having fun outside. helps campers find a homey patch of earth connects campers and homeowners offering a yard for them to stay in. helps plan trips to multiple cities helps uses turn a vacation into an adventure by adding more stops on their ticket.

Web Buzz: finds lowest airfares in U.S., Europe, Pacific finds the lowest airplane fares and trends, but be mindful of the number of changes of plane and stopovers.

Top-tier boutique lodges selected by National Geographic

National Geographic visits and vets accommodations around the world to ensure top-notch service and inspiring experiences.

Web Buzz: RideGuru offers good answers to fare questions

RideGuru app compares prices for ride-share options such as taxis, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Hailo, Flywheel and Curb.

Sosh—Cityguide gives you the insider's view of cool things to do

The Sosh app directs you to unique events and attractions in select cities, including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago.

With NameShouts, foreign names can now roll off your tongue with ease

NameShouts sounds out the correct pronunciation of names in 14 languages, including Hindi, Russian and Mandarin.

Web Buzz: Tripda, a ride-sharing app for the long haul and its Flight Tonight app are last-minute deal finders's Flight Tonight app shows same-day and, later in the day, next-day flight deals. is for when your sightseeing time is limited offers efficient itineraries that cram a lot of sights into half a day in cities including Berlin, Paris, San Francisco.

Web Buzz: Tripnary matches travelers to destinations

Tripnary will help you find out where you want to go and what it costs to get there.

HostelRocket lands you in the right place

HostelRocket is an easy, free way to discover and book hostels around the globe.

Web Buzz: A soundtrack to your city

RVs roll with the sharing economy makes recreational vehicles and motor homes available for use on a short-term basis as part of the sharing economy.

Web Buzz: MiFlight app helps air travelers gauge security line waits

Using the MiFlight app, travelers can help one another gauge the wait in an airport security line.

Web Buzz: Hazel Lane offers city-themed gifts — no travel required

Hazel Lane ( offers boxes of city-themed products.

Web Buzz: Skiers can Scout the slopes ahead of time's inside info on ski resorts and hotels will work for experts, families and newbies alike.

Hotelwatchdog search engine rounds up hotel deals adds another layer to its deal-searching service: Hotelwatchdog.

iWitness personal-safety app could be a lifesaver

The iWitness app offers some peace of mind for when there's no one to walk you back to your hotel or car after dark. acts as a day-to-day concierge helps users plan their next trip based on their personal travel styles, although destinations are a bit limited.

The view from on high

TravelByDrone site lets you see videos taken around the world by drones.

Web Buzz: Hotel comparison shopping a snap at

At, comparing prices, ratings and reviews is as easy as drag and drop. But be sure to double-check the prices.

Web Buzz: might fit sportsmen to a tee

Golfscape lets you plan and book golf games in the U.S. and 47 countries from your desktop, tablet or mobile device

Web Buzz: TripExpert combines reviews to score hotels

Web Buzz: TripExpert combines dozens of respected reviews of hotels to calculate a single score.

Wanderu is a one-stop website for booking bus and train tickets

Wanderu is a one-stop website for booking bus and train tickets. Greyhound is a new partner. an open book for writers, readers and armchair travelers

Blog publishing platform reels in writers and readers for a magazine-like excursion to wherever catches their interest. zeros in on spiritual and wellness getaways, info rounds up a list of spiritual and wellness destinations along with the ability to search for teachers. launders, stores business travelers' clothes, toiletries

Travel somewhere often? Packnada will hold on to your clothes and toiletries for your next trip — but for now it's Singapore only. allows users to finance trips through crowd funding allows would-be adventurers to finance their travel dreams through crowd funding. Many trips listed have noble purposes.

An email app that filters and notifies

Web Buzz: AwayFind alerts users to only the important stuff so vacations aren't spent checking messages, but it's expensive.

Travel apps: Packpoint, an app that makes your packing list

Making a packing list for travel: There's an app for that: Packpoint for iOS and Android.

For wine-focused trip, this website can uncork resources pours on the resources for crafting a wine-focused trip without resorting to packaged tours. wants to be handy for even inexperienced campers uses camping experiences and glorious photos of nature to make camping more accessible to those who are not regulars.