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Food Network is rebooting 'Iron Chef America' franchise

Culinary titans will clash once again in Kitchen Stadium. The Food Network is planning a new "Iron Chef America" series called "Iron Chef Gauntlet." 

According to Variety, "Iron Chef Gauntlet" is expected to start production early next year. While details about the new show are sparse, the series will bring back longtime Food Network host Alton Brown. 

Brown, who was the host and commentator of both "Iron Chef America" and "The Next Iron Chef," confirmed his involvement with a photo teasing his new role for "Gauntlet." 

For the uninitiated, "Iron Chef America" (based on the Japanese "Iron Chef" TV show) saw chefs from around the world challenge various Iron Chefs to a 60-minute showdown involving a secret ingredient. The two teams present judges with five courses that were scored based on taste, plating and originality. 

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