Veg out during 'Veganuary'

Four slabs of pan-seared tofu with sizzling ginger-scallion sauce over a bed of steamed, white rice.
(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times; prop styling by Nidia Cueva)

10 favorite vegan recipes to try this month


“Veganuary.” Vegan January. It is both an organization and an “event.” The organization, a British nonprofit, envisions a vegan world with no animal farms or slaughterhouses. The mission: to create a global mass movement committed to ending animal farming, protecting the planet and improving human health. Since 2014, Veganuary has been working to inspire people to try out being vegan for the month of January. In 2021, some 580,000 people from more than 200 countries participated. Whether you want to change the world or just cook some great plant-based food, check out these 10 favorite vegan recipes from our archives.

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip is a plant-based version of this crowd-pleasing appetizer. Serve it with chips or crudites — it makes a great snack too.

Loaded with vegetables and flavors like cumin, oregano, cilantro and lime, Vegan Chickpea Pozole is a hearty soup to help ward off the January chill. One pot will make enough to feed a crowd or last for several meals. Like the pozole, Vegan Picadillo Empanadas give you the benefit of cooking once to make many meals. Enjoy each of these on its own or pair them up.

For burger night an Impossible Burger With Spicy Special Sauce is not only possible but well worth your while. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was beef (make it with your favorite fixings). The Spicy Special Sauce packs as much of a zing as you care to give it (simply adjust the cayenne or add some sliced jalapenos).

Sizzling Ginger Scallion Sauce With Pan-Seared Tofu is as easy to make as it is delicious. Use any leftover sauce to toss with steamed or roasted veggies or pasta or as a dip with crudites and crusty bread. The pungent sauce will add zest to almost anything. Crunchy, salty, spicy sauce together with chewy noodles make Spicy Chili Crisp Noodles a party. And you don’t have to make it all yourself. Store-bought noodles work just fine, as does jarred Chili Crisp (available in most Asian markets).

Vegan Chilaquiles get their deep, rich flavor from both dried and fresh mushrooms. Have them for breakfast or have “breakfast” for dinner.

To get more green veggies on your plate, try Spinach and Kale Grit Cakes with Creamy Creole Sauce. Grit cakes may sound breakfast-like, but this savory, vegetable-forward spin makes them great as an appetizer or a main course for lunch or dinner.

And then there’s dessert. These Go Get Em Tiger Vegan Strawberry Muffins could be either breakfast or dessert, or an afternoon snack — or all three because they are that good.

One or several bites of these Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies will not confirm or even hint that they are either vegan or gluten-free. You may want to double or triple the recipe as they will disappear almost as quickly as you can make them.

If you’re looking for some comfort food, creamy, aromatic Vegan Hazelnut Rice Pudding with Orange and Dark Chocolate is a good bet. Feel free to swap out the hazelnut milk for almond milk or any other dairy-free milk you like.

So there you have it: breakfast, lunch and dinner — including appetizer and dessert options for 31 days of Veganuary. Now you can really veg out.

Vegan Chickpea Pozole

This vegan recipe for chickpea pozole combines a tangy tomatillo base with chiles.
Time1 hour 30 minutes
YieldsServes 6 to 8

Spinach and Kale Grit Cakes With Creamy Creole Sauce

Creole seasonings add spice to tender grit cakes made with hearty sautéed kale and spinach.
Time5 hours, largely unattended
YieldsServes 4 to 6

Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These vegan, gluten-free cookies have the crunchy edges of classic chocolate chip cookies. They taste extra rich from a generous amount of coconut oil.
Time2 hours
YieldsMakes about 3 1/2 dozen

Sizzling Ginger Scallion Sauce with Pan-seared Tofu

Spoon the sizzling ginger scallion sauce all over the pan-seared tofu right before serving.
Time15 minutes
YieldsServes 4

Vegan Picadillo Empanadas

Finely chopped pecans take the place of beef in these picadillo empanadas seasoned with spices, raisins and olives.
Time1 hour
YieldsMakes about 12

Impossible Burger With Spicy Special Sauce

This Impossible plant-based burger tastes like the real thing when loaded up with spicy special sauce and fresh toppings.
Time20 minutes
YieldsServes 4

GGET Vegan Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry runs through these super-soft muffins with swirls of jam in the batter and fresh-cut fruit on top.
Time1 hour
YieldsMakes 1 dozen

Vegan Chilaquiles

These chilaquiles develop deep, rich flavors from both fresh and dried mushrooms.
Time20 minutes
YieldsServes 6 to 8

Vegan hazelnut rice pudding with orange and dark chocolate

Nobody will know this rice pudding is vegan unless you tell them.
Time45 minutes
YieldsServes 4 to 6

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip

This vegan artichoke dip is light and refreshing for spring yet creamy and satisfying.
Time15 minutes
YieldsServes 6 to 8