Sous-vide sole

Time 40 minutes
Yields Makes 1 fish fillet
Sous-vide sole

Ask your fishmonger to take the fillet off the bone and to remove both the skin and the bloodline. On a cutting board, cover the sole with plastic wrap and, using a flat mallet or the bottom of a pan, gently pound the fillet lightly to create an even thickness.


Set up a work area as per the rolling instructions at left. Season the fillet with a pinch of salt and lay it vertically away from you on the board with the side that formerly had skin facing up. Roll the fillet into a cylinder and then place onto the plastic and proceed with rolling. Cook in a water bath at 137 degrees for 25 minutes.


Remove the fish from the liquid and carefully cut the plastic to release the fillet. Slice and serve.

I love fish. It is so versatile, yet its delicacy provides a great test of a cook’s skills. However, by cooking fish sous-vide, you avoid the greatest risk: overcooking. The recipe below is a plain technique that will give you a perfectly cooked, moist fillet but would need to be finished with a flavorful sauce. You can also experiment with adding flavoring elements like lemon zest as the fish cooks for different results.

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