City Section Board of Managers considers Dymally’s football program


Dymally High School has asked the City Section Board of Managers to reinstate its football program for the 2019 season. The school didn’t have a varsity program this past season after halting its season in 2017 because of lack of players. The games committee has been asked to investigate and report back in April.

In other news at the meeting, City Section commissioner John Aguirre said there were 16 ejections from sporting events last Friday after the season was restarted following the teachers’ strike, mostly for language issues against officials. Every ejection except one involved soccer.

Assistant principal Guy Quinn of Crenshaw and principal Ricardo Rosales of North Hollywood announced they are seeking to become president of the Board of Managers. The election will be held at the next meeting. The winner would take over for the 2020-21 school year.


WISH Academy on the campus of Westchester High is on the verge of becoming a full member of the City Section. A vote will occur at the next meeting. Los Angeles Leadership Academy and Alliance Marine Innovation & Technology were granted full membership into the City Section.

City Section ticket sales dropped this fall compared to 2017 for all sports but girls’ volleyball. There were 5,405 tickets sold for football in 2018 compared to 6,394 in 2017. Girls volleyball went from 886 in 2017 to 1,022 in 2018.

Effective this fall, the state football championship bowl games will only allow section champions to participate. The City Section will no longer be allowed to send the Open Division runner-up.

Aguirre said eSports competitions could be coming in the future, and the CIF is working with a private vendor offering a learning session for school administrators.

“It’s going to be a big-time thing,” he said. “It’s the wave of the future.”

The City Section will send a group of seniors-to-be baseball players this summer to participate in a baseball all-star game in Chicago.