Michael Jackson's death: The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Murray guilty

A Los Angeles County jury convicted Michael Jackson's personal physician of involuntary manslaughter, concluding a trial that offered a glimpse of the last days of one of the world's most famous men by deciding that his death was a criminal act.

The verdict was delivered in a windowless downtown L.A. courtroom a world away from the turreted Holmby Hills mansion where Dr. Conrad Murray had a $150,000 a month position that included providing what the pop star called "milk" -- the surgical anesthetic that ultimately claimed his life.


Witness says Jackson doctor's actions can't be justified

The defense questioning of its expert, a propofol researcher, suggests lawyers will concede that Dr. Conrad Murray's care was substandard but argue that it did not constitute involuntary manslaughter.

Judge issues another blow to defense

A judge barred testimony about Michael Jackson's contractual obligations to a concert promoter Tuesday, dealing yet another setback to his personal physician's defense.

Judge rejects bid to show pop star's final news conference

Lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray had argued that the footage showed Jackson "under the influence" in public three months before his death and addressed other matters at issue.

Potential jurors in Michael Jackson doctor's case asked about Casey Anthony

Attorneys queried nearly 150 prospective jurors about whether they previously followed any high-profile legal cases.

More potential jurors say they know of Michael Jackson death

On the second day of jury selection in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, about 140 potential jurors said they'd all heard of the case before.

All potential jurors in Conrad Murray trial aware of case

Approximately 160 prospective jurors told the judge they all had heard of the involuntary manslaughter case they may be asked to decide.

160 potential jurors screened for Michael Jackson case

Jury selection is underway in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom for the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician.

Jury selection begins today in doctor's trial

Prospective panelists are due in a downtown courthouse Thursday morning as jury selection is scheduled to begin in the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician.

The unlikely lawyer in Conrad Murray's corner

A little known but well-regarded Texas attorney is representing the doctor facing an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson.

Jury in Michael Jackson case won't be sequestered, court affirms

Jury selection will proceed as scheduled Thursday morning after an appellate court decided not to wade into the issue of how panelists will be kept away from intense media coverage of the case.

Michael Jackson jury will be 'poisoned' without sequestering, attorneys say

Dr. Conrad Murray's attorneys asked an appellate court late Friday to order sequestration for jurors, calling an earlier judge's order denying the request an "abuse of discretion."