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California lawmakers ease permitting rules for Uber and Lyft drivers

Uber's headquarters in San Francisco (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)
Uber's headquarters in San Francisco (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)

Drivers for Uber and Lyft will only need one business license to work statewide under legislation headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

Senate Bill 182, which passed the state Senate Monday, would require a single license to drive passengers anywhere in the state, which drivers can obtain in the city where they live. Local governments don't typically enforce rules that require ride-hailing drivers to have business licenses, but in theory every city a driver passes through could charge a fee.

Uber and Lyft supported the measure, saying they wanted to prevent their drivers from having to comply with a patchwork of rules across the state. The bill’s author, Sen. Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), has said the state needs to help facilitate new ride-hailing technology.

Cities, especially San Francisco, were opposed to the bill, arguing it would hurt their ability to raise revenues and regulate the industry.

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