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Kremlin calls Senate Democrats' report on election meddling 'unfounded'

The Kremlin dismissed a U.S. congressional report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections as “unfounded” and blamed Washington’s "paranoid concerns" about Russia as harmful to bilateral relations.

"We can only voice regret over the continuing campaign [against Russia] and once again recall that so far, all these concerns, all the accusations against our country of meddling have had no grounds and are absolutely unfounded," Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, told reporters on a daily press call Thursday.

Peskov was referring to staff report released Wednesday by Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that detailed alleged attempts by the Kremlin to undermine the U.S. elections process in 2016.

The Kremlin has continually denied accusations that it tried to interfere in America’s presidential election and blamed “Russophobia” growing in Washington as a major constraint in attempts to rebuild relations between the two countries.

Peskov told reporters that while Russia wants to work toward good relations between Moscow and Washington, the congressional report would contribute to the “anti-Russian” sentiment in the U.S., which is harmful to the United States, “when this becomes a fixed idea, this does not create comfortable conditions for normal development and life."

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