Stephen Colbert squares off against the 'only Donald Trump in the Western Hemisphere'

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Stephen Colbert squares off against the 'only Donald Trump in the Western Hemisphere'

What kind of legacy will Donald Trump leave behind for his children? Will it be a string of golf courses bearing his name? An unlikely presidency that riled a nation? Or will it be a birthright of making bad tweets?

Probably the latter.

"The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" took the occasion of President Trump's 12-day visit to Asia to check in on Donald Trump Jr. and see how he was holding down the fort as the "only Donald Trump in the Western Hemisphere."

As it turns out, things aren't going so well for Trump Jr. 

"Donald Jr. woke up this morning [Tuesday] to urge people to get the vote out but maybe he should have waited until he had his morning cup of hair gel," Colbert said.

Yesterday, otherwise known as election day, the son-in-chief took to Twitter to urge Virginia voters to cast their ballots for Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie tomorrow. Meaning today. Meaning the day after the election. 


Things weren't going so hot for the elder Trump in South Korea either.

Colbert featured a clip in his opening monologue of the president talking intently about the United States' power. 

"I think we're showing great strength. I think they understand we have unparalleled strength. There has never been strength like it," Trump said.

"It is one of the strongest strengths in the Strong-o-verse and now, just totally unrelated, does anyone have a thesaurus," Colbert said, imitating Trump.

Luckily for Colbert, the president still has more than a week left of his journey, so expect more late-night examinations of foreign diplomacy in the days to come.

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