Quarterback Bennett Redell makes grandfather Bill Redell stay involved in football


Bennett Redell is the starting junior quarterback at Santa Ynez High School and the grandson of Bill Redell, the former football coach at Oaks Christian, Crespi and St. Francis.

“He’s a talented kid,” said the 78-year-old Redell, who last coached in 2014. “He has a good passing arm, is a good leader and has a 4.5 GPA.”

Bennett, a junior who has passed for 870 yards and nine touchdowns, is the son of Billy Redell, who was a center on Crespi’s 1986 championship team, went to UCLA, became a lawyer and now helps run the Solvang Bakery with his wife, Melissa.


Bennett has the greatest motivational tool to get his linemen to block: treats at the Solvang Bakery for no sacks.

Bennett’s brother, Bear, played for Santa Ynez, graduated from UCLA and is now headed to Nashville to become a country western singer. Bill, who’s a member of 10 Halls of Fame from his playing and coaching days, said Bear certainly didn’t get any of his singing talent from him.

“I sing like a canary,” he said.

Redell said he misses coaching “a little bit, but it was time for me to go.”

You’ll find him in the bleachers rooting for Bennett at Santa Ynez games.