Boys’ basketball: Shipp brothers return to Fairfax High

The Shipp brothers are back at Fairfax. Joe (left), Josh (center) and Jerren.
(Eric Sondheimer)

It was quite an afternoon in the Fairfax High small gym, where the Shipp brothers, Joe, Josh and Jerren, were working out with the varsity basketball team.

Coach Harvey Kitani joked, “How do you think we would be with the Shipps this year? Whether they played or not, to have them around, we’d be a better team.”

The Shipp brothers started for three different Pac-12 teams _ Joe for California, Josh for UCLA and Jerren for Arizona. Joe, 33, went on to play professionally overseas and is now completing his studies with the hope of going into coaching. Josh, 28, has played the last three years in Turkey. Jerren, 26, has been a personal trainer in Arizona and has a tryout with a D League team coming up.

They were smiling at each other while marveling that they can still play the game. Joe blocked a shot, Jerren had a dunk and Josh knocked in a three. The Shipps could always play the game, but they were even better people off the court.


Josh and Jerren have been working out on occasion at Fairfax trying to get into shape. Fairfax players appreciate their presence and the way they are so polite and friendly.

Josh helped Fairfax win a state title in 2004. Jerren was on the Fairfax team in 2006 that knocked off Kevin Durant’s No. 1-ranked high school team. Joe led the Pac-12 in scoring in 2003.

What a trio of brothers and what a family they are. Mom and Dad should be very proud.