Letters: Parting with Vin Scully is such sweet sorrow

Letters: Parting with Vin Scully is such sweet sorrow
Dodgers broadcast announcer Vin Scully and Giants legend Willie Mays wave to the crowd during Scully's final game in the booth. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

How wonderful it was to see and hear Vin Scully`s last game as he capped off an amazing career. How pathetic that for the past three years, the greed and egos of executives have kept this great announcer out of my home.

Thomas A. Hoerber




As a native Angeleno — who has regularly been listening to Vin Scully for 47 straight years — I made sure I spent last Sunday afternoon with my 87-year-old father listening to Vin's final broadcast. Willie Mays in the booth with Vin while "My Way" played put a lump in my throat. I got misty-eyed once again reading Bill Plaschke's fabulous farewell piece the next day.

A very pleasant day to both of you wherever you may be.

Ken Feldman



I once had the privilege of working with Vin Scully on a video promo for a Senior PGA tournament. When I discovered Vinny would be doing the voiceover, I made sure the script was something he would truly be proud to read.

We had a 90-minute session in which I was to "direct" Vin Scully through 24 minutes of wall-to-wall text. One thing I learned that day: "directing" Vin Scully meant shutting up and letting him be ... Vin Scully.

Vinny needed only two takes, with a brief water break, and 30 minutes total. That day, he made me an even bigger fan than I already was.

Ron Ovadia



After watching Vin Scully's lyrical final broadcast with tears in my eyes I came to the realization that the Guggenheim Partners who own the Dodgers had done something that bad teams, bad management and bad players throughout the years had never been able to do. They have convinced me to never root for the Dodgers again.


It's really simple: They don't care about me, so I don't care about them. It is with great sadness I say goodbye to the Dodgers and with equal disgust I say good riddance to the Guggenheim Partners.

And here's the kicker. If I explained this to Vin Scully he'd try to talk me out of it.

Art Mendelsohn

Santa Ana


Like the rest of us Dodgers fans I've been listening to Vinny all my life, ever since (enter year here – in my case, 1959). And in all that time, I can honestly say that there's only been one thing about him that bugged me: His constant praise of the enemy in the heat of battle. "...and this guy is a great father with a wonderful family and WOW, WHAT A GREAT CATCH!!"

Didn't he know we're supposed to hate the other team? And then, almost too late, it hit me. Vin is a better man than I am. This is the way we're supposed to be, appreciating the other team's players for what they are, just people trying their best to do their job.

Thanks, Vin. Thanks for all the lessons, inside baseball and out. I'll work on it, I promise.

Eric Monson



Great job, Dodgers. Thanks for making it super easy for the Giants to take the last wild-card spot. Of course the Giants beat the Mets in dramatic fashion. Just like how they will beat the Cubs, Dodgers and Red Sox. It has been so long since the Dodgers have won, why change it this year?

Kevin Flynn

Simi Valley

Play through pain

The Angels' announcers and front office personnel have dismissed their dismal season because of injuries. They should take a lesson from the Dodgers, who had just as many injuries and players on the disabled list. The difference is simple, better personnel throughout and a great job done by Dave Roberts. The Dodgers' front office is not afraid to make deals that strengthen their team while the Angels don't even try to solve the glaring problems they have in left field, second base, catching and starting pitching.

We all better enjoy Mike Trout while we have him, because when his contract expires he would be foolish to remain with the Angels.

Bruce Olson

Lake Arrowhead

3-1 is not enough

The Rams' last quarterback of the future, Sam Bradford, looks great with the Vikings. This season we could have drafted Wentz, Prescott, Lynch, or Kessler, who are all playing for their teams. We trade six draft picks for Jared Goff, who apparently is not better than the QB we already have, Case Keenum, or is not ready to play a game with only 12 left to play. Same old Rams.

Lance Oedekerk


No love for Bonds

Barry Bonds, one of the greatest players to ever put on a uniform, and also one of the most arrogant and hated as well, was fired as the hitting coach by the Miami Marlins. Shocker. What's next, we'll find out that too much beer will make you fat?

Marty Foster


Class act

Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III represents everything good about golf. I had the privilege of walking 18 with him as a caddie for a good friend in the Bob Hope pro-am. Davis read putts for the amateurs, offered advice when solicited, and, he killed the golf ball. His respect for the game and willingness to share knowledge was inspiring. I caddied for my friend Chuck for nine years at the Hope, and four different pros each year walked the fairway with us. Love stands out.

Steve Francis

Hermosa Beach

Not his fault

Wow! Two negative Jim Mora letters last Saturday. By my count, UCLA is a few dropped passes away from being 5-0 and ranked in the top 10. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Coach Mora probably did not coach those athletes to not catch the ball.

Richard Brisacher

Mar Vista

Major league anguish

I was so sad after reading the gut-wrenching story of suffering and injustice put upon those poor guys. Not the many injustices suffered by players and others of color. No, the much bigger and more shocking issue.The public shaming and torment of soccer players forced to fly coach [Oct. 4]! The horror!

Jeff Heister



So, in Major League Soccer, Orlando's rookie defender, Daniel Steres, who "played more minutes, had more touches, and made more passes" than star midfielder Kaka, makes less than one percent of Kaka's salary?

Sounds pretty much like corporate America.

Paul Cooley

Culver City

Down with the Clips

So I read that Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said that other than not signing Kevin Durant, the Clippers had a good summer. And other than hitting the iceberg, the trip on the Titanic was very pleasant.

Craig London



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