The Sports Report: Lakers trade for Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is headed to the Lakers after a blockbuster trade.
(Tyler Kaufman / Associated Press)

Howdy, my name is John Cherwa and I’m the guest instructor on this here newsletter as Houston Mitchell contemplates what to do with his Lonzo Ball Lakers jersey.

Anthony Davis a Laker

We’re going to skip all the smart aleck comments today and get right to the biggest story since the end of the NBA playoffs. First, let’s get to news, courtesy of Tania Ganguli and Brad Turner. The full story is here, and here’s a tighter version.

“The Anthony Davis saga is over and the Lakers have their next superstar big man.


“The New Orleans Pelicans agreed Saturday to trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers, according to people with knowledge of the deal. The Lakers sent Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart along with three first-round draft picks, including the No. 4 selection on June 20, to New Orleans to acquire Davis.

“Since the trade cannot be finalized until July 6, the Lakers will have the salary cap space to sign another top-tier free agent to a maximum contract.

“Davis’ acquisition comes a year after the Lakers signed LeBron James. At the time, their front office of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka said James was the first part of a two-year process to rebuild the Lakers into a championship-caliber team.

“The Lakers hoped to make progress last season. Hampered by injuries, particularly a five-week absence by James because of a groin injury, they missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season.


“Davis, 26, requested a trade in January and the Lakers aggressively pursued him before the Feb. 7 trade deadline. Though the Lakers were enthusiastic in trying to make a deal, then Pelicans general manager Dell Demps was less so. Demps refused to work with Pelinka, and while he took then president of basketball operations Johnson’s phone calls, he barely engaged with his offers. Demps was fired later that month. The Pelicans hired former Cleveland general manager David Griffin as their top basketball executive.”

Now, let’s get to the analysis from Bill Plaschke. Same routine, full story here. The highlights below.

“This was more than just a trade for Anthony Davis.

“This was a trade for a championship.


“In dealing Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round draft picks to the New Orleans Pelicans for the NBA’s most dominating inside presence Saturday, the Lakers did more than just add a giant superstar.

“They created a title team out of a losing team. They turned a group of underachievers into a group that can overwhelm. They returned hope to a hopelessly lost franchise, real hope, ring hope.

“This was a trade for LeBron James’ interest. You think he’ll emotionally invest in this team now? By creating a legitimate title hope, the Lakers should start seeing the legitimate LeBron.

“This was a trade for potential free agents’ attention. You think somebody like Kyrie Irving would want to join this group? Maybe even Kawhi Leonard? One of the league’s most unsettling environments just became its most attractive.


“This was a trade for Davis’ future. He is a free agent at the end of the season, and while his representatives have said he wants to play in Los Angeles, the Lakers no longer have to worry about him spending the year being wooed by someone else. He is a Laker now, and will probably be a Laker for a long time.

“This was a trade for Kyle Kuzma’s empowerment. They kept Kuzma! Can you believe they somehow made a major trade for a big-time star and still managed to hold on to arguably their best young player and fan favorite?”

Women’s World Cup

We all know the U.S. plays Chile today, in a game that should be closer than its game against Thailand, but no closer as to make it must-watch TV. Kevin Baxter eases us into the game with a look at coach Jill Ellis. Catch the whole story here or read the excerpt below.


Jill Ellis expects to get a text from her father John on Sunday, just as she says she does every day.

“As a former coach who created soccer programs in places such as Trinidad and Tobago and Singapore, John Ellis’ messages are generally short and to the point but always contain the same words of wisdom.

“‘Enjoy the challenge,’ his daughter said.

“That advice will resonate a little stronger Sunday because it will come not just on Father’s Day, but also on the day Jill Ellis has a chance to coach the U.S. national team into the second round of the Women’s World Cup.


“With a win over Chile at Paris’ Parc des Princes stadium, the U.S., which opened the tournament with a 13-0 rout of Thailand, would have six points after two games, assuring it a spot in the round of 16. A draw probably would be enough to send the Americans through, given their plus-13 goal differential.”

Saturday’s results

Netherlands 3, Cameroon 1

Canada 2, New Zealand 0


Today’s schedule (all times Pacific)

Sweden vs. Thailand, 6 a.m., FS1

United States vs. Chile, 9 a.m., Fox

Group A W-D-L, GD, Pts


France 2-0-0, +5, 6

Norway 1-0-1, +2, 3

Nigeria 1-0-1 -1, 3

South Korea 0-0-2, -6, 0


Group A schedule (all times Pacific)

France 4, South Korea 0

Norway 3, Nigeria 0

Nigeria 2, South Korea 0


France 2, Norway 1

Monday, Nigeria vs. France, Noon, Fox

Monday, South Korea vs. Norway, Noon, FS1

Group B W-D-L, GD, Pts


Germany 2-0-0, +2, 6

Spain 1-0-1, +1, 3

China 1-0-1, 0, 3

South Africa 0-0-2, -3, 0


Group B TV schedule (All Times Pacific)

Germany 1, China 0

Spain 3, South Africa 1

Germany 1, Spain 0


China 1, South Africa 0

Monday, South Africa vs. Germany, 9 a.m., Fox

Monday, China vs. Spain, 9 a.m., FS1

Group C W-D-L, GD, Pts


Italy 2-0-0, +6, 6

Brazil 1-0-1, +2, 3

Australia 1-0-1, 0, 3

Jamaica 0-0-2, -8, 0


Group C TV schedule (all times Pacific)

Italy 2, Australia 1

Brazil 3, Jamaica 0

Australia 3, Brazil 2


Italy 5, Jamaica 0

Tuesday, Jamaica vs. Australia, Noon, FS2

Tuesday, Italy vs. Brazil, FS1

Group D W-D-L, GD, Pts


England 2-0-0, +2, 6

Japan 1-1-0, +1, 4

Argentina 0-1-1, -1, 1

Scotland 0-0-2, -2, 0


Group D TV schedule (all times Pacific)

England 2, Scotland 1

Argentina 0, Japan 0

Japan 2, Scotland 1


England 1, Argentina 0

Wednesday, Japan vs. England, Noon, FS1

Wednesday, Scotland vs. Argentina, Noon, FS2

Group E W-D-L, GD, Pts


Netherlands 2-0-0, +3, 6

Canada 2-0-0, +3, 6

Cameroon 0-0-2, -3, 0

New Zealand 0-0-2, -3, 0


Group E TV schedule (all times Pacific)

Canada 1, Cameroon 0

Netherlands 1, New Zealand 0

Netherlands 3, Cameroon 1


Canada 2, New Zealand 0

June 20, Netherlands vs. Canada, 9 a.m., Fox

June 20, Cameroon vs. New Zealand, 9 a.m., FS1

Group F W-D-L, GD, Pts


United States 1-0-0, +13, 3

Sweden 1-0-0, +2, 3

Chile 0-0-1, -2, 0

Thailand 0-0-1, -13, 0


Group F TV schedule (All Times Pacific)

Sweden 2, Chile 0

United States 13, Thailand 0

Today, Sweden vs. Thailand, 6 a.m., FS1


Today, United States vs. Chile, 9 a.m., Fox

June 20, United States vs. Sweden, Noon, Fox

June 20, Thailand vs. Chile, Noon, FS1

Rest of the schedule


Round of 16 matches takes place from June 22 to 25.

Quarterfinal matches are from June 27 to 29.

One semifinal match is on July 2 at noon on Fox.

The other semifinal is on July 3 at noon on FS1.


Third-place game is July 6 at 8 a.m. on Fox.

Championship match is July 7 at 8 a.m. on Fox.

Odds and ends

Gary Woodland feels at ease in the U.S. Open driver’s seat. Dodgers bullpen blows another in loss to Cubs, what does it mean to World Series hopes? … Young, small, but mighty: Skateboarder Sky Brown shreds path toward Olympics. … Angels lean on a trio of home runs to power past Rays. … Angels’ Cody Allen designated for assignment amid ongoing struggles. … Kings buy out final two years of Dion Phaneuf’s contract.


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Today’s local sports schedule


Chicago Cubs at Dodgers, 4 p.m., ESPN, AM 570

Angels at Tampa Bay, 10 a.m., FSW, KLAA 830

Born on this date

1821: Golfer Old Tom Morris


1948: Baseball player Ron LeFlore

1951: Boxer Roberto Duran

1955: NBA player Tree Rollins

1962: Former Angel Wally Joyner


1966: Shot putter Randy Barnes

1970: Golfer Phil Mickelson

1970: Soccer player Cobi Jones

1977: Baseball player Kerry Wood


Died on this date

1970: NFL player Brian Piccolo, 26

1996: Sportscaster Mel Allen, 83

2014: Baseball player Tony Gwynn, 54


And finally

If you’ve got the time, here’s an in-depth look at Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game.

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