Travel quiz: How well do you know the West Coast?

Aerial drone photo on man floating in teal water with colorful typography centered, saying "West Coast 101" and a 2024 stamp
Travel writer Christopher Reynolds floats in a pond at the magnesium-chloride-rich waters of the Guerrero Negro saltworks in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur.
(Photo by Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times; logo typography by Jacky Sheridan / For The Times)

We at the L.A. Times have come up with a big list — 101 of the best West Coast experiences that a traveler can find. To build it, we roamed far and wide, because we know that if you’ve lived in the West for a while, you’ve probably covered some of this ground already.

Essential things to do, see and eat right now in California, Oregon, Washington, the Baja Peninsula and British Columbia. Ready to explore?

May 16, 2024

But how much? This quiz will test your travel savvy when it comes to California, the Baja peninsula, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. (You’re an expert on Rhode Island? We don’t care.)

If you score 10 of 10, you should probably apply to National Geographic. If your score is under 5, don’t worry. You could spend three lifetimes learning about the West and never finish.


In the list itself — right this way — you’ll find fresh information on plenty of new destinations and some you’ve long meant to visit or revisit.

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