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H&M wishes you a very Wes Anderson Christmas

Wes Anderson fans are in for a Christmas treat. The filmmaker has brought his distinct flair -- and recurring collaborator Adrien Brody -- to a holiday ad for the clothing company H&M. And it's basically exactly what you think a Wes Anderson H&M commercial would be. 

Set on a train, the short film stars Brody as Conductor Ralph, who has the unfortunate task of informing passengers that, due to circumstances beyond his control, the train will be arriving 11 hours late. As the delay will likely ruin most holiday plans, Conductor Ralph invites all the passengers to a brunch complete with seasonal decorations and "chocolate-flavored hot beverage with whipped topping." 

The short, titled "Come Together," definitely bears Anderson's quirky hallmarks, with the train and Brody conjuring a "Darjeeling Limited" feel. You almost forget that it's an H&M ad until you realize the passengers' wardrobe doesn't quite match the rest of the Anderson aesthetic. Watch the full short above.  

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