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Concept art for the 'Power Ranger' movie's Alpha 5 reveals an alien-looking new design

It’s no secret that “Power Rangers” is a departure from the original TV series, and the latest concept art for the movie’s new Alpha 5 is further proof.

Even fans who thought the updated looks for Rita, the Rangers' suits and the Zords were adequate mental preparation for any other redesigns were likely surprised by Alpha’s new design. To borrow some words from Alpha: “Ay yi yi yi yi.”

Revealed by IGN, this new take on the Power Ranger ally is more than a bit of a departure from the character's original look. 

In the TV series, Alpha was Zordon's panicky but devoted robotic assistant who served as the Rangers' adviser and friend. While the new Alpha retains the gold saucer-shaped helmet as well as the red body, not much else is recognizable. It looks like Alpha is now less of a robot and more of an actual alien. 

After seeing the Alpha's new look, one can only wonder how Zordon might be reimagined for “Power Rangers.”

Bill Hader will be providing the voice for Alpha in the upcoming movie, which is set to hit theaters March 24.

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