Your last-minute guide for the 2022 California elections

A man wears a mask while standing at a voting booth.
James Griepsma Jr. goes over ballot choices at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office on Thursday.
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Here is a last-minute guide for voters still trying to decide how to cast their ballots. It includes California propositions, statewide offices and key congressional races.

Who is running for California governor? What are the propositions on the ballot? Here is your guide to the 2022 midterm election.

Nov. 8, 2022


California voters are being asked to decide on issues as diverse as abortion rights, kidney dialysis, sports betting, online gambling and more.

Let us know how your in-person voting experience in California went and what issues you faced when you went to the polls.

Nov. 8, 2022


Here is what you need to know before you vote:

California’s 2022 election ballot includes races for governor, attorney general, Legislature and Congress, local contests and statewide propositions.

Nov. 1, 2022

Statewide elected officials

In blue California, Democrats have long dominated statewide offices. Still, some Republicans have mounted spirited challenges in 2022.

What you need to know:


U.S. Senate

Key congressional races

California was at the center of the “blue wave” in 2018, when some suburban congressional districts long considered Republican strongholds flipped to Democrats.

These purple districts are now in contention, as Republicans try to make gains.

We’ve rounded up election guides and endorsement lists from newspapers, other media outlets, political parties and others across the state. Consider this your guide to voting guides.

Nov. 4, 2022

America Unsettled: Dispatches from the political battleground

In a deeply divided nation, the one thing unifying Americans is a shared sense of unease. Vast majorities feel the country is heading in the wrong direction, but fewer agree on why that is — and which political party is to blame.

Times reporters spread out across California and the nation to report on the complicated reasons behind voters’ decisions in this momentous and unpredictable midterm election.

The story was compiled by Shelby Grad with reporting from Phil Willon, Taryn Luna, Hannah Wiley, Seema Mehta, Hannah Fry, Melody Gutierrez, Christian Martinez and Mackenzie Mays.