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David Letterman stops by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to defend giving Conan O'Brien a horse

The tenor of late-night comedy has changed a lot in recent years to better reflect the world we live in. And there's nothing like a member of the old guard to remind us of that.

David Letterman stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday night, ostensibly to promote his upcoming Netflix interview series, but more pressingly to refute a recent Conan O'Brien story involving a surprise horse.

TBS late-night host O'Brien was a guest on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Friday and delivered his side of the story, which involved Letterman's gifting him a horse, which he then had to figure out what to do with.

Letterman started his tale by explaining to Kimmel that he is a celebrity, which means that the onus is on him to give extravagant and expressive gifts. 

In some cases, that means giving his niece a set of four, individually wrapped tires for her wedding or sending Kimmel all of Letterman's old ties upon retirement, or, as in the case of O'Brien, sending a horse.

"The idea will be that he'll have the horse on the show and the horse will take a dump on the show and it'll be hilarious," Letterman explained to Kimmel.

And then things really started to fall apart. Watch Letterman's delightful story about O'Brien's equine disaster above. (And his full interview with Kimmel is below.)

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