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After creating an anti-Trump billboard, Santa Monica-based artist says she’s received death threats

The message behind the 40-foot-wide billboard in downtown Phoenix's arts district is clear.

On one side, President Trump sits, a Russian flag pinned to his lapel, flanked by mushroom clouds and dollar signs drawn in the style of swastikas.

On the opposite side, the word “Unity" rests above the sign language spelling.

It’s the latest piece of resistance art against Trump's administration. And Karen Fiorito, the Santa Monica-based artist behind it, said there aren't plans to take it down anytime soon. Even amid death threats.

“There have been a couple of people who have said they will come and get me, or that I should be sleeping with a gun underneath my pillow,” she told CBS Los Angeles.

Artist and historic preservationist Beatrice Moore owns the billboard and the property below it, which houses a clothing design store called 11th Monkey. Moore commissioned Fiorito to design the controversial work after Trump’s election. Up for less than five days, it has, unsurprisingly, already stirred debate.

According to Phoenix New Times, two protesters "with visible guns in tow" held pro-Trump signs outside the store on Sunday. Others have flocked to the area after hearing about the billboard.

In an email to The Times, Fiorito said that "due to security concerns," she's not discussing the matter further at the moment.

This isn’t the first protest piece Fiorito has created. In 2004, she was responsible for another billboard that criticized the Bush administration for invading Iraq.

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