Ask a Reporter

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Being an L.A. Times journalist means going to interesting places, talking to fascinating people and seeing things that most people only ever read about. Many of those experiences are captured in the articles, videos and images we publish online and in print, but there’s always more to the story.

Our new live event series, “Ask a Reporter,” is your chance to find out about the experiences journalists have that don’t make it into their work.

Each week, an L.A. Times reporter, photographer, columnist or videographer will answer your questions on our live video show.

Visit our Twitter profile or our Facebook page to share your questions ahead of time and to sign up to receive an alert when the video begins.

Here are the upcoming guests and topics for “Ask a Reporter.”

On August 12, reporters Howard Blume and Paloma Esquivel will answer your questions about covering schools and education during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are links to our “Ask a Reporter” events.