Color me impressed
These are some of our favorite illustrations we’ve printed in the L.A. Times Food section. Download and print them out. Add some color, have some fun. Take care of yourselves and each other.
(Martina Ibáñez-Baldor / Los Angeles Times; Charles Glaubitz / For The Times)

Distractions. We all could use some right now.

Most of us are doing our part to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus: We’re staying inside, supporting our favorite L.A. restaurants by ordering takeout, and we’re cooking along with Ben Mims and Genevieve Ko.

To those righteous, responsible and selfless people: thank you. For you, we’ve got a fun distraction to add some color to your self-isolated life. Below are five of our favorite illustrations from past L.A. Times Food issues. Right click and save the image to download. Print it out, channel your inner Bob Ross and get colorful. Show us your masterpiece on Twitter and Instagram, @latimesfood.

And for the rest of you who choose to flout public health guidelines, this.


Self-isolation starter pack: a pickle, bánh cuốn and a keg of wine
Into the belly of the L.A. taco truck
Los Angeles Times Food illustrations, Charles Glaubitz, May 23, 2019
(Charles Glaubitz / For The Times)

Illustration: Charles Glaubitz

From the May 23, 2019, issue.

Published with: “A beginner’s guide to taco trucks” by Lucas Kwan Peterson


Maria Arellano 🙏
Los Angeles Times Food cover, Gaby D’Alessandro, April 18, 2019
(Gaby D’Alessandro / For The Times)

Illustration: Gaby D’Alessandro

From the April 18, 2019, issue.

Published with: “I get one last Lent with my Mami. I’m using it to learn our family’s capirotada recipe” by Gustavo Arellano

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Martina Ibáñez-Baldor