El Niño in California

Dramatic before & after images: How El Niño transformed the California landscape

Dramatic images show El Niño beginning to rescue California from its drought

El Niño: Preparing now for disasters later

For much of this year, some of the world's most vulnerable people have found themselves in the grip of El Niño, a profound and confounding natural disaster that

Powerful El Niño storms bringing rain, snow and gusty winds to California this weekend

Nothern Califronia was bracing for heavy winds, rain and snow this weekend, while Southern California is expected to get a lighter version of the El Niño storm.

El Niño rainstorms improving wildfire conditions throughout California, fire agency says

Higher-than-normal rainfall associated with El Niño has diminished the risk of wildfires in California for the next four months, according to a national fire agency report.

Fatality from falling tree in El Niño storm called 'unimaginable'

High-pressure mass above Southern California keeps brunt of El Niño away

El Niño-fueled storms have left apartments teetering on a cliff's edge near San Francisco, and snow has piled up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, with the water content 111% of normal.

Dramatic drone footage shows Pacifica homes teetering on brink of collapse

Dramatic footage captured by drones has put more focus on a cliffside neighborhood in Pacifica that is threatened by erosion.

Can El Niño save drought-battered California? Here's why it's not that simple

Here are some maps, charts and images that help show where California is headed with the El Niño rains and where it still needs to go.

California has 'a shot out of the drought' if El Niño rain persists

With a couple of weeks of rain and snow storms behind them and more on the horizon for the Sierra Nevada in Northern California, state water officials Wednesday expressed cautious hope that this El Niño season could lift California out of its historic drought

What happened to El Niño? Be patient, L.A., it'll come, expert says

When the first hints of El Niño developed last year, experts believed that the brunt of the rain would occur in Southern California rather than Northern California.

4 styles of craft beers to chase away those gloomy El Niño blues

The recent cold is a good chance to try these bold beers: imperial stout, wee heavy Scotch ale, barley wine and barrel-aged beers.

Army Corps of Engineers to put up flood-control barriers in L.A. River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has received emergency funding to erect temporary barriers along the banks of the L.A. River to guard against flooding from future El Niño storms, officials announced Friday.

Monster waves batter California coast as latest El Niño storm passes through

Southern California was soaked on Thursday with another storm driven by El Niño.

El Niño rains get L.A. River roaring to life

The Los Angeles River awakened. The sheer breadth and speed of the water was disorienting, enough to make you lose your balance glancing back to solid land.

Plans to assist L.A. County homeless during El Niño called 'unconscionable and grossly inadequate'

Los Angeles County and its municipalities' current plans to accommodate the homeless throughout the El Niño season are "unconscionable and grossly inadequate,"

El Niño prompts an outreach effort to get L.A.'s homeless into shelters

The streets were a miserable place to be as El Niño storms made their ferocious debut.

Funding for Los Angeles River cleanup in doubt as El Niño begins

As the winter storms of El Niño began to pummel Southern California this week, Los Angeles County officials said federal funding to clean out debris from the Los Angeles River and control flooding has not materialized.

How to drive in the rain: A guide for Southern Californians

With the season's first big rainstorm, Los Angeles County is experiencing more traffic accidents and road obstructions. It seems like a good time for some reminders and tips on how to drive in the rain.

Debris flow and recent burn areas

The United States Geological Survey has studied select fire burn areas to determine their vulnerability to flash floods and debris flows. The maps below use burn severity, soil properties and rainfall based on 25-year storm - which emulates the weather that could come during a strong El Niño season - to estimate the chances of a debris flow during storms.

Homeless shelter in Highland Park gets city funding to stay open during El Niño

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved $20,000 to keep a Highland Park homeless shelter open during looming El Niño rains, as advocates called on

Protesters call on City Hall to help homeless prepare for El Niño

Los Angeles officials have failed to safeguard the city's growing homeless population as torrential storms approach, and instead are permitting rampant

L.A. allocates $12.4 million to aid homeless people ahead of El Niño storms

Los Angeles leaders on Wednesday allocated $12.4 million for emergency relief to get homeless people off the streets before the anticipated El Niño winter

Wettest start to an El Niño season in Pacific Northwest as storms hit California

A powerful El Niño continues to gain strength, the latest forecast released Thursday said. And while El Niño rains are still weeks away from hitting California,

An epic, El Niño-fueled dream season for skiers and snowboarders

With a mega-El Niño anticipated this winter, an epic season awaits the downward bound — along with changes aplenty at the West's resorts.

Massive El Niño gains strength, likely to drench key California drought zone

One of the most powerful El Niños on record continues gathering strength and is looking increasingly likely to bring heavy rains to key Northern California

How can bad weather lead to good clothes? While you wait for El Nino, take a quiz to find out

A 10-question quiz about the things that foul weather have added to the global wardrobe.

As huge El Niño brews, California fights to keep drought mentality

As experts continue to predict a wet winter because of El Niño, California officials continue to take a cautious approach when it comes to easing water

El Niño is here, and it'll be 'one storm after another like a conveyor belt'

The strong El Niño in the Pacific Ocean is becoming even more powerful, setting the stage for an unusually wet winter in California that could bring heavy rains by January, climate experts said.

To save water, an underground movement to bank El Niño's rainfall

Groundwater banks are being established to slowly soak up rain and floodwater for future use. It's a cheaper option than dams and reservoirs.

28 things to do to prepare for El Niño rains this season

There is still time to batten down your home's hatches as those dark El Nino clouds gather on the horizon

L.A. leaders warn Angelenos to prepare for 'Godzilla' El Niño storms

The Godzilla El Niño is on the way and Los Angeles city leaders are warning residents to be prepared.

Early-season storm makes small dent in California's drought outlook

An early-season storm that blanketed mountains from Northern California to the Central Valley with snow showed tangible results on the state's historic drought,

As El Niño looms, La Conchita residents say 'blue-collar affordability' makes landslides worth risking

Robin Abcarian: In 2005, the fatal landslide in La Conchita also washed away a town's serenity.

Hundreds of homeless riverbed dwellers at risk of drowning from El Niño flooding, experts say

The nine homeless men living inside a concrete storm drain in Orange County believe they are ready for the floods likely to come raging through if El Niño

A dozen water-resistant fashion picks to look slick on rainy days

Dressing for rain? Here are coats, umbrellas, booties and waterproof mascara to help you look your best.

One of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded is fueled by El Niño, scientists say

Patricia, one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded, is being fueled by El Niño, a weather phenomenon that continues to gain strength in the Pacific Ocean, scientists say.

FEMA urges Californians to buy flood insurance before El Niño

With drenching El Niño rains anticipated to begin more than a month from now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is urging Californians to buy flood

Burbank encourages early preparations for El Niño

El Niño rains forecast to reach far into Northern California, where they're most needed

A new forecast says El Nino rains will likely reach far into Northern California, important because rain and snow need to fall there to provide the state with water.

El Niño keeps getting stronger, raises chance of drenching rains

An increasingly stronger El Niño has increased the chance of rain this winter for California.