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President Trump is lashing out at Vanity Fair after the magazine said an online video mocking Hillary Clinton "missed the mark."

Trump tweeted Thursday that the magazine was "bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit."

The video posted over the weekend shows editors of Vanity Fair's Hive website offering toasts and New Year's resolutions for Clinton, including that she vow to take up knitting, volunteer work or any hobby that would keep her from running again for president.

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President Trump touted a pair of reports on gains made by his administration against Islamic State and Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.

Trump quoted from a Washington Examiner report on the amount of territory lost by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria since he took office, which the conservative outlet compared favorably with the amount of territory lost under President Obama:

Trump also shared via Twitter a Daily Signal report on his Dec. 15 remarks at the FBI Academy graduation ceremony, where he said that there has been an 83% increase in arrests of MS-13 members during his presidency:

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After another morning at his Florida golf club, President Trump visited firefighters and paramedics at a West Palm Beach firehouse on Wednesday. He later praised the rescue workers in a tweet:

During the visit, Trump also praised his own performance as president, including with a false boast.

Trump touted his administration’s work to roll back government regulations and cut taxes and claimed credit for the stock market hitting record highs. He also said he’s signed more bills into law than any other president, which isn’t true.