His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up — or down — and galvanize the American public.

We're watching how Donald Trump is using this platform of unfettered communication now that he’s commander in chief. Here is everything Trump has tweeted since he was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. In many cases, we look at what he was reacting to and whether what he said was accurate. And, as much as possible, we'll relate what else was going on at the time. Check back for more as Trump continues to tweet.

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Trump thanks GOP-led Senate for confirming his judicial nominees

President Trump thanked the GOP-led Senate for pushing through his judicial nominees.

In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, Trump credited the Senate with helping his administration appoint judges "at a record clip!"

Trump specifically named in his tweet Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who recently set the stage for votes on four of the president's appellate court nominees and one district court nominee. In doing so, he declared that Democrats would be unsuccessful in stopping their confirmation.

"We'll confirm all of them this week, no matter how long that takes," McConnell said Monday.

McConnell's frustration stems from Democratic insistence on using all the time Senate rules allow for moving to an up-or-down vote on the nominee. It also ignores the many ways Republicans blocked President Obama's choices, most notably the Democratic president's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Republicans refused to even hold a hearing on Garland, insisting in February 2016 that the president chosen months later in November should fill the court vacancy.

Trump has had nine federal judges confirmed so far, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and four circuit court judges. In comparison, Obama had five judges confirmed at this stage of his presidency, including Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and one appellate court judge.

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