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Trump offers reassurances ahead of Hurricane Irma: 'Federal G is ready!'

President Trump assured the public that the federal government is prepared for Hurricane Irma, which continued its deadly sweep through the Caribbean on Friday as residents of Florida waited with frazzled nerves and growing fears over just how bad the storm will be.

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump also marveled at the potentially historic nature of the storm and warned those in its path to "get out of its way, if possible."

The Category 4 hurricane, with a footprint as big as Texas, is expected to make landfall early Sunday and blow through central Florida with 150 mph winds, reaching Georgia by Monday morning.

Compared to Hurricane Harvey, which hit southeast Texas, Irma will be faster moving, making it unlikely that Florida will see the kind of severe inland flooding that crippled Houston. However, for coastal cities such as Miami and Miami Beach, an anticipated storm surge of up to 10 feet could be catastrophic.

Mandatory evacuations were in place for most coastal communities, affecting 650,000 people or more. Already, supplies of water, batteries, flashlights and plywood had disappeared from most stores throughout South Florida.

Streams of fleeing evacuees, from the Florida Keys to Miami and farther north, were creeping north on the state’s two major north-south arterials, Interstates 75 and 95. Traffic tie-ups were reported as far north as Ocala, 80 miles northwest of Orlando.

In the president's weekly address, he called Irma "a storm of absolutely historic disruptive potential" and again called on residents of the affected areas to heed the advice of local authorities.

In his remarks, Trump also pledged to do everything in his power to ensure preparedness and coordinate whatever relief and restoration efforts are eventually needed.

"America stands united, and I mean totally united," he said.

This post contains reporting from John Cherwa, Les Neuhaus and Alex Wigglesworth

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