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President Trump extended condolences to the family of a woman killed after a car sped into a crowd of people who were protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday. The event was marked by brawls that ended with the governor declaring a state of emergency.

At least 19 others were reported injured in the crash.

Trump's tweet came after he was met with criticism for earlier statements condemning the violence in Charlottesville without mentioning the death of the protester, or that the rally had been organized by white supremacists.


President Trump extended condolences to the loved ones of two people killed in a helicopter crash Saturday near Charlottesville, Va., where violent clashes erupted earlier in the day at the site of a white nationalist rally.

Police said the crash was connected to the rally, though it was not immediately clear how.

Virginia State Police said the helicopter crashed Saturday afternoon in a wooded area near a home. The pilot and a passenger were killed, said Corinne Geller, a state police spokeswoman. No one on the ground was injured.

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President Trump tweeted a series of statements Saturday responding to the riotous actions of white nationalists and Klansmen in Charlottesville, Va.

The first was a generic statement condemning hate and violence, in which he continued for a second day not to comment specifically on the nature of the demonstrations.

That post on Twitter about 10:30 a.m. came amid building criticism, including from Republicans, that he had not spoken out against the clashes.

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President Trump shared a video clip of his comments to reporters after meeting Friday at his New Jersey golf club with United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security advisor H.R. McMaster.

During the question-and-answer session, Trump said that he was being sarcastic when he expressed gratitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin for cutting hundreds of U.S. diplomatic personnel.

He stepped up his attacks on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who Trump appears to blame for the Senate's failure to push through healthcare legislation.

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President Trump participated Friday in a discussion about his administration's efforts to encourage workforce development with an emphasis on apprenticeships.

The White House announced in June that it would launch “a series of initiatives” centered on encouraging training partnerships between businesses and schools. 

In his remarks before Friday's event, Trump touted record-high stock indexes, rising manufacturer optimism and a low unemployment rate.

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President Trump on Friday released another provocative statement aimed at North Korea, tweeting "military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely."

Trump's comments, at least some of which have not been scripted with his foreign policy team, have alarmed many allies and members of the foreign policy community, who have expressed concern about inflaming a volatile situation with an unpredictable nuclear foe.

Trump has not been deterred. He appears to be pursuing a carrot-and-stick approach, hoping his sharp language, contrasted with more conciliatory words from his Cabinet, will cow Kim.

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President Trump was at it again Thursday, lashing out at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over the Republican Congress' failure to pass a new healthcare bill.

The escalating attacks, now in a second day, underscore the rocky relationship between the White House and what typically would be the president's allies from his party in Congress.

“I just want him to get repeal and replace done. I've been hearing 'repeal and replace' now for seven years,” Trump told reporters.

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President Trump announced via Twitter that his daughter and advisor, Ivanka Trump, would lead the U.S. delegation to India in November for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

The summit will take place Nov. 28 to 30 in Hyderabad, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also confirmed Ivanka Trump's participation in a tweet. 

Ivanka Trump has described herself as a vocal advocate for working women. She was booed when she spoke this spring at an event on women's entrepreneurship during the Group of 20 summit in Berlin.

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President Trump shared a link to a Washington Examiner report on a poll that put his approval rating at 45%.

The poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics, found an increase in support among Latino voters and those who are union members. Of the men who responded, more approved of Trump than did not.

But most other surveys have found Trump's approval rating to be lower.

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President Trump tweeted a video montage of the first six months of his presidency set to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."

It wasn't immediately clear what prompted the Wednesday afternoon tweet, which included no comment other than a hashtag and an American flag emoji.

The message came amid rising tensions with North Korea, as well as an escalating fight with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who Trump blames for the Senate's failure to pass healthcare legislation.