His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up — or down — and galvanize the American public.

We're watching how Donald Trump is using this platform of unfettered communication now that he’s commander in chief. Here is everything Trump has tweeted since he was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. In many cases, we look at what he was reacting to and whether what he said was accurate. And, as much as possible, we'll relate what else was going on at the time. Check back for more as Trump continues to tweet.

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Trump responds to London attack by calling for 'tougher' U.S. travel ban

President Trump signaled he would like his controversial travel ban expanded, writing on Twitter on Friday that his ban on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries "should be far larger, tougher and more specific" but complaining that enlarging it would not be "politically correct."

Trump wrote the tweet in response to news of an explosion in London on an underground train during morning rush hour. British authorities said they were treating the incident as a terrorist act.

Trump went further than British officials and said the perpetrators were "in the sights" of Scotland Yard investigators before the attack. There was no public evidence to support this claim at the time of his tweet.

In what seemed to be a response to Trump's tweet, London Metropolitan Police said in a statement, "any speculation is extremely unhelpful at this time."

Later Friday morning, Trump called the London attack "a terrible thing," while he was in the Rose Garden watching an 11-year-old boy from Falls Church, Va., mow the White House lawn.

“It keeps going and going, and we have to be very smart and we have to be very, very tough—perhaps we’re not nearly tough enough,” he said in response to a question from a reporter.

Trump said he had been briefed on the London attack, and said he had been told about "new risks of things happening."

About 10 hours after his initial tweet about the attack, Trump tweeted his condolences to those affected.

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