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  • Domestic policy

President Trump again name-checks Chicago in a tweet decrying gun violence in the city. 

The day before was Chicago's deadliest of the year so far, according to data from the Chicago Tribune. Seven people were shot and killed, including a woman who was eight months pregnant.

Trump also sounded off about violence in Chicago a few days after his inauguration, tweeting that if the city didn't solve its "horrible 'carnage,' " he'd "send in the feds."

  • The economy
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President Trump met with two dozen chief executives of manufacturing companies and vowed to help restore factory jobs he says have been lost to foreign competition.

Yet some of the CEOs suggested that there were still plenty of openings but too few qualified people to fill them. They urged the White House to support vocational training for the high-tech skills that today's manufacturers increasingly require.

White House officials said that Trump supports efforts to increase training for factory jobs, but they didn't provide details.