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Jessica Chastain on the challenges of playing a relentless Washington lobbyist in 'Miss Sloane'

Jessica Chastain. (Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)
Jessica Chastain. (Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)

When Jessica Chastain first read Jonathan Perera’s script for “Miss Sloane,” a number of things immediately popped to her. There was the screenplay’s impressive “Sorkin-esque” dialogue. There was the opportunity to work with director John Madden, with whom she first collaborated on 2010’s “The Debt.”  And, there was Elizabeth Sloane herself, a top Washington, D.C., lobbyist whose hunger to win drives her to sometimes jaw-dropping extremes. 

“You can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, whatever it is. Elizabeth is addicted to the win,” Chastain says. “Everything about her is about ‘the win.’ It’s the unwinnable that gets her higher, and she goes after that.”

They presented themselves in this world, which was a boy’s club, with a ferocity and an intimidation. You could feel them before they walked into the room.

Jessica Chastain

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