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A tweet from 'Large Adult Goat' about white privilege and Charlottesville goes viral

 (Virginia State Police)
(Virginia State Police)

During a day when protests in Charlottesville, Va., unfolded not just on the ground but on live TV and via social media, a Twitter thread by the user @juliusgoat, who goes by "Large Adult Goat," has gone viral.

Posted in response to Friday night's torch-bearing white-nationalist march in advance of Saturday's "Unite the Right" protest, the tweet contained a photo of white male marchers and a single statement: 

The writer expanded the post with a string of follow-ups that compared the struggles of white men with those of minority populations in America. 

The thread continues as the writer expands his argument, and in doing so started earning retweets. Within hours, the original post had earned nearly 150,000 retweets and twice as many likes. 

As events unfolded -- and a car plowed through a mass of counter-demonstrators, killing at least one and injuring dozens -- his thread gained traction. Still, "Large Adult Goat," who blogs as A.R. Moxon, kept at it. At one point, realizing his tweet had gone viral, he offered an assessment of his work. 

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